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Windoze XP SP2 does ALL manner of naughty self-indulgent and self-important things upon installing it...

Firewall settings, Outlook Express security options, blah blah blah...

Install it if you feel that you must, but
be sure to check all of your previous configurations...

MANY changes are made to default settings and there is no adequate warning to the user that such changes are being made.

10s and 10s of 1,000s of businesses have been badly bent by this crap from M$ as, at the least, they were unable to deal with email attachments until Outlook Express options were manually reset to 'workable' parameters...

On more than 10 of the machines I tend in a rather wide-spread flock, 3rd party internet security and firewall and antivirus software was disabled by installing XP SP2.
Nice, hmmm ?

btw... who Suzanne Knight ?
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