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Sounds as though the file is not mounting properly. Which version of StuffIt Expander do you have? Do you have ShrinkWrap (ideal for mounting images for os9)? Did you check over your comp with utilities as I suggested? Rebuild your desktop (restart & hold down both CMD+Option keys until you receive a question on screen.) If you've tried these things & nothing works, redwnld LW. Also try dwnlding the latest StuffIt Expander for OS9 from Aladdin.

Oh and the error is a file system error: end of file; no additional data in the format. Quote: Type -39 error (Logical End-of-file reached during read operation)

The Macintosh was expecting a marker to show it where the end of the file is on the disk. That marker is either missing or is in the wrong place. A crash is the most common cause, however a disk error or corrupt file can also cause this.

Solutions: Recovering the file frequently fixes the problem. If it does not, make a clone of a backup, open the clone and try to import from the file that is giving the -39 error message.
In other applications, using an Import or Insert command from inside a new document frequently works around the problem. You also might move/copy the file to another volume.

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