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Originally posted by stupididiot69er
morgwen I'm not trying to prove a point here ecxept that it is possible to get 2 file types in one. a long time ago my computer crached because of a virus on a pic that I downlaoded. luckily it didn't attack my ghost so I was abble to restor. so well i guess it's possible to have a file that shares 2 file types.
Which files type was this pic? Perhaps this pic was in an attachment or within a zip/rar archive. I tried to explain you why you canīt get a virus through a MP3 or a pic. A virus must be activated, you can execute it directly this is an .exe file or through other software which executes files (like an attachment). Media players and pic viewers donīt execute files they just decode the known formats and show it to the user, if a file format isnīt readable (like a .exe) you will get an error message, so again its not possible to get a virus through a MP3 or a pic (jpeg, .gif etc.).

If you donīt believe me search the web for information, perhaps there is a technique which I donīt know, to proofe your point. As long you just write such bullshit and accuse companies without proofes I will call you an idiot.

anyways I was just warning people
Warning people is good but NOT WITHOUT PROOFES, this is not a "I need attention" forum. This forum is for information which are investigated, so the next time when you try to scare the people without a proof I will delete the post!


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