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well than I guess you proved me wrong before I could prove myself right. but I still stand by the believe of this happening. so even if you may think it is not possible, lets still be carefull about what we downlaod and what is shared on the network. all p2p networks are at risk because the riaa is pushing the limits of technology to stop us.
by the way maybe if we share these files it wouldn't matter but if we download them, we all know that it is easy to brake in someones computer, and as mentioned before when you download things you need to give your ip. maybe that's what they use and they hack in to monitor us or drop a file in our computer whixh gives them all the information they need. maybe they also search for files on the network and download them to get our ip's. contradict me if you want but what is here I know can not be contradicted as one can do this from his home computer.

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