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Old August 4th, 2003
Join Date: August 4th, 2003
Posts: 2
JKD_Master is flying high
Wink RIAA thoughts

RIAA. Can they actually make this stick?

Say I Buy a Madonna CD and MP3 the tracks to my shared folder. It's My CD, my computer my shared folder. I'll do what I want with it. Then your shared folder or IP gets scanned or whatever (Sounds like BSH*T to me). How can you get a subpoena for nicking a file you bought???

Who knows that you actually downloaded this file or purchased it from a shop or payed download, it's not registered.

Sounds like it's a scam to stop people sharing files.

Your thoughts please..........
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Old August 5th, 2003
Paradog's Avatar
Distinguished Member
Join Date: April 5th, 2002
Location: Germoney
Posts: 739
Paradog is flying high

Well, you bought one CD so you have one copy.
Of course you can do what you want, you can rip it, it is allowed,
but you may not make it public so other people can copy it from

And BTW: The new album from Madonna sucks anyway.
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Old August 5th, 2003
Join Date: August 4th, 2003
Posts: 2
JKD_Master is flying high
Thumbs up Good point

Does the Madonna CD Suck I haven't bought it. Don't worry mate no chance of me buying it anyway just using it for an eg.

You're right I could get done for publicly distributing it, but my point is how do they know you bought it or nicked it?

I'm sure a defence lawyer would rip this to bits. There's just too many if buts and maybes
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  #4 (permalink)  
Old August 6th, 2003
Join Date: May 21st, 2001
Posts: 297
zeroshadow is flying high
Default Re: Good point

Originally posted by JKD_Master
...but my point is how do they know you bought it or nicked it?
I don't think they can. If they could it would be harder then it is worth.

They are spending their time going after Kazaa supernodes and those sharing large numbers of files or really new popular ones.
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  #5 (permalink)  
Old August 17th, 2003
deepblue's Avatar
Flag Burner
Join Date: August 15th, 2003
Location: Colorado
Posts: 751
deepblue is a great assister to others; your light through the dark tunnel
Default RIAA

The RIAA has enough money and backing to go after every file shareing software out there. The way I see it its only a matter of time until the RIAA takes over the musical community.
Get Firefox!

--Benjamin Franklin
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  #6 (permalink)  
Old September 7th, 2003
Join Date: September 7th, 2003
Posts: 1
NunyaBitnez is flying high

Share my thoughts

The industrial revolution is based on the necessity of war to fuel the fire. Economy historically requires a "war" of some sort to make nations survive. War gives you jobs to fight against whatever it is you are fighting against. In this era technology is the battle field. Sharing of files is simply an environment to wage a war to "nurture" the economy.

When napster was under attack, I heard an analogy that stuck in my mind:

You sell water in the desert. One day it begins to rain and it does not stop. What do you do for money now?

Apparently you start an organization that enforces laws that no one voted on to control the water resulting from the rainfall.

Of course, that is just my perception of the whole thing.

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Old September 8th, 2003
Paradog's Avatar
Distinguished Member
Join Date: April 5th, 2002
Location: Germoney
Posts: 739
Paradog is flying high

This is interesting though:,1412,60318,00.html
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Old September 8th, 2003
Join Date: August 20th, 2003
Posts: 14
Pro Fools is flying high
Default RE: JKD

Allthough morally wrong, legally we (file swappers) are right. It is your computer, your songs, and putting files in the "shared folder" does NOT legally make the songs "public", as I have argued in the past. In court, I demonstrated that by connecting computer A. to Computer B. via my P2P software Napster and transfering an MP3 file in the same room. Now who's to say I don't own both computers? Yes I am "offering my songs" but to whom? The answer is myself. I was offering them to myself. In the same room I transfered my copyrighted file to myself. Since I cannot physically touch a song all I can do it merely capture and contain it. Legally that is no more than playing a song at a high school dance, or listening to Nickelback on a conference call.
The problem is YOU. You lazy edited just sit there and let it happen. Since the RIAA has semi-deep pockets (Thanks to the 31 % decrease in album sales us "file swappers" stole from them.) now is the perfect time to fight. I fought. I lost. Napster lost. And at this rate, YOU the user will lose and P2P will be a myth in 5 years.
Fact #1:
Oh and all you edited who this the RIAA is "rich" or some giant "media monster", your are wrong again. Record companys do not have that much money and usually do not OWN songs, only RECORDINGS of songs. Giants like Sony benefit from file swapping as it sells their CD players, CD burners, and CD's. Sony holds 50 % of the patent of the CD. So when ever a CD, blank or recorded is sold, Sony gets paid.
Fact #2:
Giants like Sony Seagram Vivendi Universal Time Warner make 5 times as much money off of movies than music. AND they make 5 times as much off of wine and alcohol than they do movies. The recording divisions are like "Little Sister" and a lot of the times musicians and producers own most of the company, like Mettalica, Jako, and Madonna.
What we need is Bill Gates to equall all 5 million of you edited.

Last edited by backmann; September 8th, 2003 at 08:47 PM.
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Old September 9th, 2003
Paradog's Avatar
Distinguished Member
Join Date: April 5th, 2002
Location: Germoney
Posts: 739
Paradog is flying high
Default Re: RIAA

Originally posted by Pro Fools
I think we should change all the names to start with "Z" as to avaoid RIAA scans. For instance: Zadonna; Zarth Brooks; Zr Dre, Zminem, Zadiohead.
This method was already used to bypass the content filter of Napster. There were filename scramblers which encrypted the filenames in a way it could be decrypted if you know the code.

But that ain't work.

On Gnutella we use hash to make sure if you are downloading the correct file. That ensures you that each source you are downloading the file from provides the same file, so it is useful.
SHA1 uniquely identifies a file in a 32 string code, never mind of the filename, as long as the file itself is not edited, the SHA1 remains the same.
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