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superesonator January 27th, 2005 07:06 AM

autogenerated spam results
I have been with Limewire Pro for a while and I noticed that there are lots of fake files, wmv and jpeg, that are i-pod ads or ads for download sites.

often you get a result like this:

search: "wierd crap"
result: w_i_e_r_d__c_r_a_p.wmv

(lets put aside the fact that wmv is the most rediculous excuse for a video format that has ever been inflicted on mankind)

My suspicion was that some of these results are autogenerated.

I have verified this. I made up an improbable search. I entered:

traxally impople

and hit a search for video only. no results.

next I hit 'repeat search' for the tab.

Voila! traxally impople.wmv came up.

repeat the search AGAIN and you add:

t_r_a_x_a_l_l_y__i_m_o_p_l_e.wmv and Traxally Impople.wmv

I tried it with a few other improbable names and it always happens after the second search.

So much for my detective work, I am satisfied that these are autogenerated.

Now does anyone out there have any further insight into the mechanisms and implications of this?

Please share what you know.


Lord of the Rings January 27th, 2005 08:41 AM

This issue has been discussed a no. of times on the forum. Depending on which softw you're using you can filter them out. eg: Limewire using keyword filters.

Some interesting reading: Quality of Content on the Network & also Fake Movies & Why! & this wmv files & also this one A Curious Thing Happened...

superesonator January 27th, 2005 08:59 AM

How would a keyword filter help if the file name morphs to my search query? are you perhaps suggesting I filter *.wmv ? Sounds like a good idea if it works that way. I don't need .jpgs either.

while I thank you for your feedback, I also followed your links, and didn't find the means of blocking this problem that you inferred was about. Nor am any more enlightened on how the files are being generated to mirror search queries. After your search... Which they are as I have demon-strated.

if there is a specific thread that explains the causes, symptoms and or treatment, I would be interested in seeing it.

Lord of the Rings January 27th, 2005 09:05 AM

3 Attachment(s)
I'm not in the know personally. So which p2p softw are you using?

There's been discussions about blocking ip addresses that spam since they fall within a range of ip addresses. But there's also been some concern over this b/c they use dynamic ip's not static ip's. So blocking ranges of ip's might help, but might also affect a lot of innocent people along the way.

If you're using Limewire then you can follow the image example below. Keyword filters can be added/removed anytime depending on type of searches - as long as you use the Apply button.

Attachment 1566 (click to see LW 4 sample image)

Edited for LW 5 users: To help reduce spam in search results, keyword filters are a must! LW 5 users will find their keyword filter location: Tools -> Options -> Search (early LW 5 versions Tools -> Options -> Security). Press Filter Keywords button. Type word into keyword box, then press Add Keyword button. Extensions can also be added. If extensions letters are added to Extension filter rather than keyword filter in the new LW 5 version it will also prevent those files being shared & remove them from Library. So it can be safer to add file extensions to the Keyword filter instead of Extension filter. Don't forget to put the dot . before the extension 'if' adding extensions; eg: .wma

If you wish some suggestions on which keywords to filter out, see: Recommended Keywords list to add to filters.

Attachment 5235 (Click thumbnail to see larger view of LW 5 sample image)

More tips on reducing spam in search results: How to download Music & Videos

Attachment 4822 (Early LW 5 versions sample image)


superesonator January 27th, 2005 09:09 AM

I am on Limewire Pro.

well I went and blocked *.wmv, jpg and asf.

I guess these jokers have written some code that monitors incoming searches and churns out files to match.


Lord of the Rings February 3rd, 2005 04:43 PM

I suppose a worthy late mention is by the forum administrator a long time ago: XXAA is watching, SPAMing the network, proof

stief February 4th, 2005 03:57 AM

The developers of the Gnutella network are on it, so hopefully they'll agree on a way that we can filter those results (they're considering "size" filters now).

See the thread at to follow their discussions

Lindyloo March 13th, 2005 09:03 AM

Hi there,


I have been with Limewire Pro for a while and I noticed that there are lots of fake files, wmv and jpeg, that are i-pod ads or ads for download sites.

often you get a result like this:

search: "wierd crap"
result: w_i_e_r_d__c_r_a_p.wmv

(lets put aside the fact that wmv is the most rediculous excuse for a video format that has ever been inflicted on mankind)
I have filtered out WMV files (and others that I don't need) but still got something separated like that but it was the words rather than the letters that were separated. E.G This_wierd_crap. Also it was an AVI file.

Could this be a WMV in disguise or might it just be a legit file (the size was right for a movie)

Cheers lots, Lindy x

Lord of the Rings March 13th, 2005 01:29 PM

That's weird then, I haven't seen it happen to avi files. Also being the correct size for a decent file. Personally if I had an alternative choice then I'd choose the other. But it would be curious to find out about the file in question even if you only downld like 1or 2% for preview purposes. I suppose there's always the chance of a hidden extension.

Lindyloo March 13th, 2005 05:45 PM

Hey there,

I see your point and maybe, just maybe I would like to download a small portion of it and then preview it. Thing is, I can't preview movies cos it wants to use Windows media player and I can't (lets not go in to the codec thingy ma doo dahd, I just can't.)
To play movies (that I've downloaded in full) I use VLC.....suits me, yeh??

Anyroad up I really dare not do anything that I haven't got a clue about (hence the reason I try not to do.....well.....I try not to do anything much, OK :rolleyes: )

I might just give it a go tho...if you don't hear from me in, (hmmmm,..... how long do you think???).....OK think of a number between 2 & erm .......2, multiply by 2, add 2, take away 2. Whatever the number is, if you don't hear from me in that many days call one of your friends and tell them you used to know a loon by the name of Lindyloo.

Oh for crying out loud I'm off on one again (must get my medication changed)

You know what?? I've tried using The( _ )thing, as in t_h_i_s_i_s_r_e_a_l_l_y_h_a_r_d_t_o_d_o

and I can't use it when doing a search of LimeWire so how come this cacky comes up when I'm trying to look for stuff?? (How do these perpetrators do it, if indeed they are doing something intentionally naughty??)

Sorry for waffling,

Hugs, Lindy xxx

I'll tell you this mind, When I first filtered out WMV and WMA files it didn't happen, it's only happened since I installed the newest version of Limewire. (Not saying this is the fault, only it's a coincidence)
Also just in case it is a problem, someone can have a looksee, cos as you may have guessed I haven't a clue.:D

Cheers, Lindy xx

P.S. Please don't take any offense at what I have said above. (I would sign a disclaimer but I seem to have mislaid my pen):D :cool: :rolleyes: :D :rolleyes: :D :cool: :rolleyes:

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