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ale5000 October 24th, 2015 09:36 PM

I have noticed that some WireShare/ do the same request to GWC multiple times (even more than 10) and every request is distant about 2/5 seconds.
It should wait a lot more otherwise it can cause problems if a large amount of client start doing this.

Also the query has a double "&", it doesn't cause any problem but it is strange: ?get=1&net=gnutella&&client=WSHR&version=

sleepybear91 June 27th, 2016 12:09 AM

Note on Start Up
Thought I might mention to new WireShare users who transfer to ITunes. When using most LimeWire versions I was usually able to transfer to ITunes regardless of what program you started up first. I've found that with WireShare you must open Wireshare first, or it will only transfer songs to your hard drive only.

Channel11 September 11th, 2016 10:29 AM

So there's an issue with wireshare that started showing up for me recently where advanced tools refuses to open giving an error :
error log -

Preview showed BB spoiler tags not working so dumped the error into pastebin.

Lord of the Rings September 28th, 2017 03:57 AM

WSHR/LW5ís upload logic is very buggy
5 Attachment(s)
WSHR/LW5ís upload logic is bugged. Since early in year Iíve been using fibre instead of ADSL.

(i) If I increase upload slots beyond 5, the upload speeds become chaotic. So chaotic that downloaders often drop off. By chaotic I mean the speeds rapidly fluctuate between zero to high speeds every second or two. This appears triggered when there actually are more than 5 uploads. So this is definitely a bug & not anything to do with my bandwidth capabilities after all.

Attachment 6925
5 snapshots over 19 seconds. Not ideal to show how chaotic it actually is. Each up-speed change occurs at a rate of 0.5 to 2 secs. Also this example does not show uploads dropping off. When that happens itís the ones at zero up-speed. Ideally I should have screen video-recorded this over 3 to 5 seconds. This occasion had up slots set to 7. Generally the up-speed bandwidth changes are much more dramatic, such as from 0 to 120 to 30 to 0, etc. within just a couple of seconds. I had only just started WSHR on this occasion after a router reboot.

(ii) Another side effect of the upload logic bug(s) is if there is a greedy host. That then causes upload bandwidth to vanish into overhead. ie: The total upload bandwidth will show maximum allocated but what the downloaders are able to utilise is a fraction of that. It hampers the speeds available to the downloaders, slowing them down. This generally lasts between 45 to 90 minutes before slowly going back to normal.

Attachment 6923 (-from 2015-) Attachment 6924

Attachment 6921 (-from 2017-) Attachment 6922

The same issue reported July 29th, 2011 here post titled: 'The Down-sides of LimeWire 5 / LPE - the super-bugs !' from paragraph starting with ďThe total of upload bandwidth at times either leaks or giving incorrect figures. ÖĒ onward. It also seems to affect the queuing process, ie: queued downloads that should have timed into starting to download are left in the queue for longer periods. (Ignore dates on the images, due to a forum crash & backup corruption needed to be re-uploaded in 2014. Original upload bug images dated 12 Dec 2011 & 6 April 2012.)

(iii) If you recall, the other upload bug I was able to overcome when I increased both the individual & overall queueing totals. That upload bug was generally initiated by a greedy host. Then other hosts whom only wanted to download a single file would either have their download stopped or refused & be auto-banned for an hour or longer (this happened to hosts of all modern clients.) ie: the program's auto-banning of a greedy host would spill across & affect one or more other download hosts.
This change most likely also fixed the 'Invalid Request' bug. Something I have very rarely seen since.

I donít know which is worse, WSHRís upload bugs or Phexís 2+ slot bug. If set Phex to more than 1 slot it becomes unlimited. I certainly donít want 50+ uploads at once. Start of this decade I told Phex dev about this but he seemed disinterested in fixing it. From memory LW4ís upload controls worked flawlessly & gave the sharer much more control over their uploads. (I used LW4 for 7 years after skipping LW3) Whilst I said flawlessly, there could always be the issue of a host stealing most of the bandwidth but that can happen with LW5/WSHR (there are a number of reasons this might happen, not just more hops or bad hops relaying to a specific host.)

ReadyPlayerONE December 16th, 2019 10:11 AM

Uploads greater than Downloads
Apologies if I'm in the incorrect area. I have been reading threads, but unable to find a solution at this current time.
New to Wireshare, and to this Forum.
Using WS 5.6.6, Win 10. Uploads over 1000KB/s, Downloads under 100KB/s
I am sharing over 400 files.
Set Strong security Full J/B
Also, do users actually chat in WS? If so, please suggest best way to connect.
Many thanks, and Happy Holidays!

Lord of the Rings December 16th, 2019 01:21 PM


Originally Posted by ReadyPlayerONE (Post 378764)
Set Strong security Full J/B
Also, do users actually chat in WS? If so, please suggest best way to connect

Hi ReadyPlayerONE. Not totally sure what your question is. :D I personally don't believe Strong security is necessary, Light is fine and not blocking out Japanese hosts. Reason is WireShare already has built-in support to block out the spam-BOTs and a percentage of the Strong security is arguably out-dated. The Light security already blocks out the remainder hostiles. I had requested big-jx to remove the Japanese blocks two to three years ago as I don't believe it is needed and simply reduces the speed of connecting and retaining persistent connections. Just my personal opinion. I am the person who processes the security updates.

In regards to best connection practices:
1. try to ensure your WireShare is not firewalled. This is probably 'the' most important thing. Being firewalled greatly slows connecting. It also means your WireShare cannot join the DHT for both speedy connecting and making use of the DHT extra search abilities. DHT connections are generally super fast. Also some ultrapeer programs will only allow a percentage of connections to firewalled hosts thus meaning a firewalled host will be competing with other firewalled hosts for a connection slot. To check if your WireShare is firewalled or not, go the the WireShare menu bar and choose Tools > Advanced Tools, then top-left of the window that opens will display what your firewall status is.

2. try to extend your connection periods for as long as possible. If your WireShare is not firewalled and has a high average uptime then your WireShare will inevitably become an ultrapeer and hosts will give preference to connecting to ultrapeers with the greatest average uptime since it suggests there's a greater chance your WireShare will be available when they attempt to connect.

The private chat, referred to as Friends in WireShare works but only if you are not firewalled. You need to know the contact details of someone else on the network to be able to utilize it. Private sharing means you can share directly with persons you know and also chat with them in real-time as in text-chat.

After re-reading your post I realise your question appears to be more about the chat feature? (sorry I'm half-asleep)

Lord of the Rings December 16th, 2019 02:19 PM

As I mentioned above, I'm not sure it is possible to successfully use Friends if either party is firewalled. If it is possible then it might be a little problematic.

I haven't used WireShare chat for over 4 years. The difficult part is the setting up with a friend. There are 3 types of communication protocols. GMail, Jabber and Live Journal. This can be set up in Settings > Miscellaneous. Set both your preferred communication type and enable Sign into Friends when WireShare starts. After doing this you will be prompted for your gmail, jabber, or live journal ID and password. However you can sign in manually each session via the menu bar > Friends > Sign in.

These days with GMail it is more difficult to log-in via WireShare due to GMail/Google's stricter security policies.
"Google prevented someone from signing in to your account using a non-Google app." If you receive such an email after failing to log-in with WireShare then choose the ‘Yes, it was me’ option. Also setting should be enabled to ON. That will prevent such blocking of logging-in in the first place.

If you know a fellow WireShare user's gmail, jabber or live journal address then you can send them an invite to become a friend via WireShare. Once logged-in you will see more options in the WireShare menu bar > Friends menu. You can use the Add Friend option. You can also set the Available or Do not Disturb options.

For chat, you will have a chat option and chat window within WireShare (on the right-hand side.) For gmail this conversation is duplicated within gmail so you can communicate either way.

Setting up private shares: Choose the My Files tab top-left of WireShare. There you will see a Private Sharing or Friends tab. You can create custom share lists and add whichever friends to each list.

An issue we noticed mid-decade was the updating of the private shares in real-time. Adding fresh private shares sometimes does not update for the other person immediately. Re-browsing/refreshing host sometimes fixes this. We consider this a bug.

You will notice for WireShare the chat option is limited to Friends. Unlike LimeWire v.4 which allowed you to chat with any other public hosts on the network that also enabled chat. Not many LW 4 hosts around any more.

ReadyPlayerONE December 17th, 2019 05:15 AM

Many thanks for your response.
I have reset security, and will stay on as long as possible. However, I do not know how to remove firewall for WS. I will look through the amazing world of google to help me find the solution...that is of course unless you might know how.
Get some sleep LOL.

Lord of the Rings December 17th, 2019 04:51 PM


Originally Posted by ReadyPlayerONE (Post 378767)
... However, I do not know how to remove firewall for WS. ...that is of course unless you might know how.

Generally two types of potential causes for the firewall issue. Software and hardware. Software referring to your system's firewall. Check your advanced settings of system (Windows) security (firewall) to see whether WireShare is on the exception list. If not you can manually add WireShare to the exception list.
There are other possible software causes be it a second firewall or other security software that might be having a similar effect.

Hardware referring to your modem-router. If this is the cause then this can be solved by either enabling UPnP within your router or if it is enabled, instead choosing Port Forward the port that WireShare is using. Some brands/models of router have UPnP disabled by default, and some use a version of UPnP that does not work well.
There is also a chance your computer system's UPnP is disabled. which you can check first or second.

How to log-in to your router's control centre? If you don't know you can either check the manual that came with your router or find your brand and model here

First thing to check is if UPnP is enabled. If it is (which means it is not working properly) then the best answer is to port forward your router which means making an exception in the router's firewalling for WireShare and the port it uses. This port only remains open whilst WireShare is running. Port forwarding is generally more reliable than UPnP, especially for extremely long sessions where UPnP might start to fail.

If you do port forward, you need to mirror the settings within WireShare and change WireShare's setting from UPnP to Port Forward using the same port number as the one you enter in your router's control centre port forward rule. You should set up a port forward rule for BOTH TCP and UDP. Traditionally it was more reliable to do a separate rule for each but not always necessary. You would also need to setup an internal static ip address on your local network. Example if your router's address is then you would set your internal address to or, etc. Or if your router's address is then you would change the last number to any between to (Router LAN address always ends with .1 and computers on the network can not use the same .1 address.) * I would suggest you choose a relatively high internal address number; example: or or etc. Reason: If your computer is shutdown overnight there is a possibility another device might grab that same address before you restart your computer, thus your port forward rule would no longer work. For at least some routers, a static internal address is not reserved if that device is no longer on the network. Another device such as a mobile phone, iPad, TVs, etc. will obtain the first available address in sequential order after the router's address.
For port forwarding it is very important to set up a static ip address before you create a port forward rule, otherwise the internal address (LAN address) for the rule and your computer might not match and the rule will not work. Internal LAN addresses can change from session to session unless a static ip address has been set.

Port forwarding is sometimes referred to setting up a Virtual Server. My description of port forwarding is probably more difficult to read than the actual process itself.

There are other possible causes for firewalling but much less common. One is in regards to those who use satellite connections. This is either an internet provider cause which means you'd need to discuss the issue with them or a hardware issue. Some satellite service providers use a firewalling system by default.

Lord of the Rings December 17th, 2019 06:25 PM

3 Attachment(s)
These image attachments more or less walk you through how to check if WireShare is already on Windows 10's firewall exception list. If not, you can choose 'Change Settings ...' and then choose 'Allow another app ...' as shown in the 3rd image.
Firstly find your system Control Panel, choose the 'System and Security' link.

Attachment 6992

Attachment 6993

Attachment 6994

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