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BigJx March 24th, 2014 12:05 PM

WireShare (formerly entitled LimeWire Pirate Edition)
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An updated version of LimeWire Pirate Edition based on the metapirate source.


-This release of LW Pirate Edition is for Windows OS x86.
-Replaced the ugly splash screen of the metapirate LW Pirate Edition.
-Updated LimeWire.exe to work with Java 1.7.
-Removed the code that deletes the if 28 days old!
-Linked the "Home Screen" to {Installdir}\lib\LimeHome.xhtml so it can be easily personalized.

Download links below. Alternatively see WireShare - SourceForge

Windows version:
Mirrors: . MF Mirror, . Google Drive (2 clicks: down-arrow or click file-name), . SourceForge.

MacOSX version: . (Compatibility @ Intel with OSX 10.5 or higher with Java 6 or higher. @ Older machines: OSX 10.6 or higher with Java 6. Need to install Java first unless you upgraded from OSX 10.6 or earlier. WireShare 5.6.4 will now run with Java 7 or later. If you also have Java 6 installed then that version will be used. . Note: WireShare is unsigned and exceptions need to be made in Gatekeeper to download from 3rd party websites, install and run unsigned apps. Apple Support have pages discussing how to do this such as MacOS security - Using legacy apps on Mac OS . Also a 3rd party website discusses how to allow (download) apps from anywhere. For opening unsigned apps, same 3rd party website.

MacOS download WireShare options:
MF Mirror, . . Google Drive (2 clicks: down-arrow or click file-name), . SourceForge.

Linux version (Debian/Ubuntu):
MF Mirror, . . Google Drive (2 clicks: down-arrow or click file-name), . SourceForge.

Linux RPM distro version (OS/2, Solaris, Linux, Red Hat, Fedora, SUSE, Mandriva, etc.):
MF Mirror, . . Google Drive, . SourceForge.


Attachment 6769. Attachment 6770[ . Attachment 6655. Attachment 6657. Attachment 6659. Attachment 6661


BigJx May 2nd, 2014 12:00 AM

Some of the changes and improvements made to the BigJx version of WireShare releases:

6.0.1: . . (2020-08-29)

- Added the option to not show the update dialog again.
- Fixed connection issue caused by hostiles having an empty line.
- Updated GWC/Bootstrap code.
- Updated icu4j.jar to fix startup crash when java update version is greater than 256.
- increased DocumentWarningPanel size to display correctly when french language is selected.
- MacOS has both Java 6 and Java 8 builds with embedded Java runtimes(Java 8 build is slightly regressive).

6.0.0: . . (2020-03-30)

- Upgraded source to Java 1.8 (except MacOS is still at 1.6).
- Added Support for OpenJDK.
- Removed Japanese block options from 'Security Level' selection.
- Updated client preferencing and fixed some small bugs.
- Bundled java runtime into MacOS app

5.6.6: . . (2017-05-29)

- Integrated the 'Security Level' selection option with automatic
  updates to filter hostile hosts.

5.6.5: . . (2016-07-17)

- Improved search results.
- Old AVG antivirus code removed.
- Word filter update. . . (2015-08-01)

- Added (re-enabled) GWC support for faster and more reliable connecting times.
  (GWC support had been limited after LimeWire version 4.12)
- Added default GWC servers.
- Icon update.
- Adult filter update. . . (2015-07-07)

- Added RPM installer version customized for Linux distros.
- Updated Bootstrap Code.
- Increased individual and overall upload queuing slightly.
- Removed Bitzi Lookup tool. (Bitzi has closed.)
- Increased memory capability. Can now share at least as many files as
  the LimeWire v.4 capability and possibly up to 25+ percent more beyond this.
- Updated hostile BOT block code.
- Updated hostiles.
- Fixed various bugs. . . (2014-08-10)

- Fixed download location changeability bug (existed since LimeWire 5.4.4 beta)
  Applicable to Windows & OSX java 7 or later. Program no longer freezes when
  attempting to change download destination.
- Updated Adult Filter. Now a more effective filter. Accent on child porn
- Added Adult Filter option to Setup configuration process.

5.6.4: . . (2014-07-07)

- Update version checker added.
- Bootstrapper online.
- Homescreen change.
- MacOSX now Java 7 or later jre & jdk compatible. Java 6 is the default.
- Security hostiles updated.
- Bootstrap backup updated.
- Updated video extensions search list.
- Updated search filter.
- Fixed MacOSX installer reference if installing Dock icon.
- Added translations to MacOSX installer.
- Linux security hostiles install option incorporated within the
  WireShare installer instead of being a separate installer.
- Bug fixes. . . (2014-05-06)

- MacOSX & Linux versions released
- Fixed & Updated Bootstrapper
- Increased connection cache
- Removed "Store Purchased" directory settings
- Video files now have ability to be Described in Library.
- m4v files are now correctly categorized as Video in Library/Shared
  instead of Other.
- Increased VM capabilities
- Added Security option within the WireShare installer.
- Updated and increased the built-in host blacklist by almost 33%.
- Added some in-built hostile BOT blocking technology.
- Slight more bias toward connecting with the more up-to-date
  clients to improve overall efficiency and reduce bandwidth overhead.

5.6.3: . . (2014-03-26)

- Re-branded LPE to WireShare

Lord of the Rings May 7th, 2014 05:51 AM

WireShare released for Linux and Mac OSX
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* WireShare has now been released for both Linux and MacOSX.

The Linux version has it's Security installed via a separate installer. Choosing 'none' in the security installer will remove any previous security installation.

MacOSX: At this point in time WireShare has been tested with Java 1.7 & Software Update will ask you to install Apple's Java 6 (1.6). The program has been tested on an intel Mac with OSX 10.6-Snow Leopard and OSX 10.9-Mavericks (combination java 1.6 & 1.7 but ran under java 1.6).

Attachment 6663 <- MacOSX Java restricted to Java 6 for WireShare. (Snapshot taken on Mountain Lion)

OSX compatibility: @ Intel with OSX 10.5 or higher with Java 6. @ Older machines: OSX 10.6 or higher with Java 6.

Edit: WireShare for OSX can now use Java 7 or higher (aka Java 1.7 or higher) as of WireShare 5.6.4. But will use Java 6 by default if it is also installed.
It took over 2 weeks to get a java 7 version working for both jre and jdk but to get it to work with both java 6 or later took more time to solve.

Note: The MacOSX installer is Applescript based & does not use a postflight script (does not create a Receipt file), and WireShare is 'unsigned'. This might cause some issues for those whom use Gatekeeper. You will need to make an exception for WireShare in Gatekeeper's settings.

(Articles regarding making exceptions: Unsigned OSX apps, . . WikiHow - Install from Unsigned Devs on Mac, . . Shortcut to install unsigned apps, . . Tweak Gatekeeper's settings, . . Apple Support - About Gatekeeper, . . Ways to Get Around Apple's Gatekeeper, . . How to open apps from an unidentified developer whilst maintaining Gatekeeper.)

Lord of the Rings May 10th, 2014 05:26 AM

Mac OSX version update to fix memory issue
WireShare has been released specifically for Mac OSX users to fix a memory issue. The program was not reading its memory settings properly (or at all) and with little doubt was probably using the default minimum java memory possible. WireShare fixes this issue.
Compared to LPE, WireShare's memory handling capability has been increased slightly.
Edit (12 May): WireShare enhances memory efficiency. Looks like LW forgot to use this. Which is probably why LW5/LPE was unreliable to use for multiple day sessions on OSX.

Extra note: a specific OSX 64-bit Java 7 capable WireShare will be worked upon in the coming month. Compatibility will be limited to intel machines with Lion or higher, and will only run with Java 7 (1.7) or higher. (Edit: we made it to work with Java 6 or higher, so compatibility still allows OSX 10.5/.6 Leopard & Snow Leopard users to use WS.)

If anybody finds any issues running WireShare, please report them to the forum so a solution can be worked through.

sleepybear91 May 21st, 2014 12:14 AM

Definitely something to consider if you are fed up with LPE 5.6.2 I guess?

Lord of the Rings May 21st, 2014 02:52 AM

There's no compulsion to upgrade to WireShare 5.6.3. However, there are notable improvements. There's also no need to use the LimeStart which LPE needs to either overcome Java 7 path issues or the risk of the connection file being erased if not used after 28 days. WireShare has fixed both those issues, as well as a few other bugs & inefficiencies LPE had.

Perhaps it's just my imagination, but I seem to get better search results with WireShare. I've tested certain keyword searches for years to test how good the peers I'm connected to are. Getting over 200-300 search results then a single get-more results for 500-700 on different sessions I considered good compared to some miserable results on LPE or earlier versions of LW. To compare fairly, it seems the average of reasonable search results that appears to have improved. Always exceptions.

I won't drag into possible reasons for this compared to LPE such as less direct connections to the very old type clients that are much less efficient at handling search queries, particularly via UDP (if they are even capable of UDP query handling & responding.) If not, they resort to tcp.

onnz423 July 5th, 2014 05:16 AM

Do i see right that almost everyfile has 1 shares?
I dont wanna use gnutella network anymore if ppl does not use it.

onnz423 July 5th, 2014 12:11 PM

Is the wireshare best gnutella client in your opinion?

Lord of the Rings July 5th, 2014 05:58 PM

WireShare and GTK-Gnutella are both very good. ;) GTK has some advancements in technology. However, WireShare is much easier to learn to use.

onnz423 July 6th, 2014 01:01 AM

Why does the files now have usually only 1 peers? I hate to wait with 9-20 kb/s download speed :)

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