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sdsalsero March 15th, 2003 11:44 AM

oops, still no 2.9.4 Pro !
I just checked my 2.9.4-alpha "PRO" download and it's actually the 2.9.3 version. So I still don't have 2.9.4-alpha Pro (and I'm back to running 2.9.3 . . . )

gbildson March 15th, 2003 01:06 PM

Sorry guys. I accidentally uploaded the free beta installers to PRO. I then rolled back to 2.9.3 until I can upload the correct 2.9.4 ones.

They are alpha/beta. Expect a few mistakes.


stief March 15th, 2003 02:01 PM

Greg, thanks for the update. I'd like to try more with magnets--can we get our alpha pro's through an emailed magnet?

(and a changelog . . .?)

gbildson March 15th, 2003 02:13 PM

Well, the alpha pros are not on the network unless someone left the right version running in the office so a Magnet link wouldn't work at the moment. (Oh and PROs don't share their installer)


stief March 15th, 2003 02:27 PM

I thought maybe so. Still, thought this might be good test of somewhat secure p2p. If you could do this with LW, other software vendors might be intriged. Thanks for the quick reply.

Ummm ... is changelog a bad word?

trap_jaw March 15th, 2003 03:45 PM

What do you mean by 'secure'?

stief March 15th, 2003 04:14 PM

Hmmm. Secure enough that LW will trust that Pro users get their pro versions? At least as secure (not very) as the current "individual" web page.

btw-LW 2.9.3 Pro has lasted fine in Ultrapeer for 5 1/2 hrs without a problem; only a BearShare 4.2.4 has stayed beyond an hour.

trap_jaw March 15th, 2003 05:32 PM

I'm sure you could do the downloads via LimeWire - but what would it
accomplish. You don't really want the LimeWire PRO versions to be
shared throughout the network, do you?

About the ultrapeers connections: Some ultrapeer connections will last
several hours with the new version (as with older versions) but
unfortunately connections in Gnutella are not very stable. - That is
something that might change when more users upgrade and the load on
the ultrapeer connections can be reduced.

Spinner March 16th, 2003 09:17 PM

Trapjaw: Your download link in sig has been pointing to the wrong page for a few weeks now. =)

stief March 17th, 2003 12:07 AM

?? tj's sig was new < 2 days ago.

Re the ultrapeers, I was pleasantly suprised to see them lasting a few hours this weekend. I'll take that as a sign the network is looking better already. I was also heartened by the idea that even if I can't share effectively from behind my NAT, I can help as an Ultrapeer to extend someone's horizon: the fan kicked in on my laptop (very rare), so I hope the processor was working to deal with the high traffic noted in the connections (and without really hindering my web access).
Still don't know why 2.9.3 should show more BearShare Ultrapeers than I've seen before.

As for magnets being used to deliver somewhat secured software through the gnutella net, I'm sure delivering it to a non-shared folder is the least of the problems (even if identified alphas are not likely to be popular or long lasting). Isn't one of the attractions of gnutella the potential to deliver large files to specific individuals?

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