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Lord of the Rings October 26th, 2010 09:53 PM

DO NOT UPDATE your LimeWire version: LW still works fine with version 5.5.10, but do not attempt to use later version !!!
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Looks like the money grabbing nazis have stuck their boots in to stop the use of LW or limit its use.

Therefore I strongly recommend you ignore their update suggestions & stay with the version of LW you have. LW 4 does not have force update options, neither do versions 5.5.10 or earlier. . Attachment 5399

Recommended is WireShare. WireShare 5.6.3 released March 2014 is an upgrade from LimeWire Pirate Edition 5.6.2. WireShare has an inclusive installer for connection file & hostiles. WireShare includes several improvements which fix the Java 7 issue, no deletion of the connection file, & some other bug fixes & improvements.

You can still use LW 5 if you downgrade back to LW 5.5.10. Basic instructions are here:

Installers are found here: LW installers for Windows _ and _ LW installers for Mac OSX _ and _ LW 5 that works for Linux.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . LW version nouvelle pas pirat e du tout

There is also the LimeWire Pirate version which is based on LW Basic but gives as good as LW Pro. No legal notice on startup. And connects very easily.

I recommend using the LimeStart equivalent for MacOSX, Linux or Windows for any LW 5 or LPE version to prevent LW deleting the connection file if LW has not been used for 30 or more days. LimeStart is included with the Windows & MacOSX LW packages we provide download links for. Linux users should download and install the linux_lwSettings_Connect_LimeStart.tar.gz file which provides connection file and LimeStart before installing LW.

LimeWire Changelog

* Note: LW 5 will not connect without a fresh file so follow those instructions. :)

To stop the Legal notice on start window, simply click Library tab & it will vanish. :) For LW 4, simply click on the white area or do a search. :D
The Legal Notice has been replaced with a 'You are Offline' error message, ignore this message. What is important are the color connection bars bottom-left corner of LimeWire's window. The main window originally connected to the official LW site which has been closed down, so that message is irrelevant.

Attachment 6093 'You are Offline' error message.

Do not disable file-sharing, do not 'freeload', if nobody were sharing files, you know of course there would be no files to download. If you are a part of the file-sharing community, then share your part and be a respected member of the file-sharing community. Do you never return what you borrow from your friends? Do you never return your partner's kisses and attention? File-sharing can even be a passion!

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