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Recommended LimeWire variation to use is WireShare, which was released for Windows March 2014 and is an upgrade to LimeWire Pirate Edition 5.6.2 from late 2010. Many bug-fixes and improvements and is being constantly improved. Can run with the latest Java version. If you prefer earlier LW versions, then see below.

* NOTE: to connect with any of the following programs, you will need to either run LPE ConnectFix (*Recommended* for LW 4 or 5) . . The LW install packages have Connection installers included. LW must be closed when you use a connection fix installer. If does not connect first time, close LW, wait 2 minutes, then use the Fix again.) This will allow you to connect whether using LW 5 or LW 4 OR see Birdy's

Recently included security package with each of these LW installers to install before you install LW. The security packages include a connection fix but the connection file might be out of date by the time you use it.

ie: (1) Do the suggested installation steps included with the installers. . (2) Add LimeWire to your Firewall exception rules. . (3) If LimeWire does not connect, then close LW & make sure LW is totally closed & not sitting in Tray (check Task Manager, if still running, force LW to close.) . (4) Run the Connection-Fix program. . (5) Open LW again, wait up ro 20 mins for LW to connect. . (6) Repeat Connection-Fix process if necessary whilst LW is closed.

To install any LW 5 including LimeWire Pirate Edition under Java 7 (1.7) or later Java versions, there are a couple of tricks you need to do:
1. If using Vista or Windows 7 or later, set the Java 7 (1.7 or later versions) installer to Run as Administrator. Otherwise it will contribute to connection problems.
2. For LW 5 versions only, if you are using Java 7 (or later version Java) then use the LW-Java Shortcut installer. (Alternative is to install Java 1.6 instead.) LimeWire 4 versions are unaffected and will run fine with Java 1.7+.
When updating Java 7, always update the 32-bit Java last. Otherwise problems with LW will occur.
Note: WireShare version has fixed the problems listed above.

Windows 8 or later is not packaged with Java, so you will need to install Java to use LW. Remember to set the Java installer to Run as Administrator.

LW versions from 4 to 5 are listed on this page. Under no circumstances attempt to run versions of LW after LW 5.5.10 or earlier than LW 4. (exception is the LW 5.6 beta.) . Do not use versions between 5.0 to 5.1. Such users are known as spammers on the network. . LW 5 installers are listed half way down this post.

People who still have active LW Pro 5.5 activation on their computer will still be able to use LW 5 in Pro mode if you use any of the LW 5.5 or 5.6 beta installers included below. This only applies to present Pro 5.5 Pro users, does not apply to any other users. Else the program is used in Basic mode. It is not possible to activate new Pro 5.5 users even with the Pro key code. Activation might also be time limited.

Not sure where to post this so shall post it here. Some people who are unable to use the later LW versions for whatever reasons, after having tried the fixes here may need to use an older version. This might be due to their older operating system unable to use the later Java versions. Or might be due to their specific system set up. So I am posting some links to older versions of LW. Under normal circumstances these should not be used, however if you fall into the above category, then here are some options:
(Mac OSX users only click here) . . (Linux users only click here)

* If downgrading from LW 5, you need to see THIS (click on link)

You should be aware that all LW versions after 4.17 no longer upload to versions older than 4.14, thus you would be losing out connecting to much of the network for finding and sharing files.

* To choose from a download folder, find all Windows LW versions 4 and 5 here" (Click the icon to view the files in List mode so you can see their full name and version. Then select file, then click the down arrow at top to start downloading your choice of file. Sample OSX equivalent image here.) But first, check LW version details below.

Mirror site: 4Shared download folder. Instructions for downloading from You need to be a member of 4Shared to download from their site (using Morpheus Fix as an example): 4Shared sample image. You will find it easier to download via Google Drive (GD) or Sabercat because no registration required and no deceptive advertisements or deceptive/false download buttons belonging to advertisers.

LimeWire 4 versions . . . . (GD Mirror Download Links)

No version earlier than 4 should be used nowadays. They will most likely be blocked by later versions & other gnutella program clients.
LimeWire ____ * LimeWire * / Mirror ____ LimeWire / Mirror ____ LimeWire _____ Before downgrading from either LW 5 or 4.18, please see
LW 4.18.8 version found here LimeWire

[LW v4.14+ supported both DHT and TLS if host is not firewalled. 4.14 to 4.16 TLS could affect ability to connect well.]

Otherwise use a LW 5 version or WireShare. WireShare is the latest version.
You should check the versions here Changelog - LimeWire 5 only to see what bugs they may have had at the time. (sorry, the Gnutella forum are in process of re-doing the changelog for users. The original LW location has closed down.)

LimeWire 5 versions . . . . (GD Mirror Download Links . OR . SaberCat mirror download)

Those wishing to remain with LW 5, do NOT go beyond version 5.5.10 for versions 5.5.x, which can be obtained here LW 5.5.10 (click on link) (Released 24 June 2010.)

You will not be able to connect unless you change your file, see about how to do, OR run one of the Connection-Fix programs. Takes a fraction of a second to run. This will allow you to connect whether using LW 5 or LW 4. (Remember LW must be closed before you run the Connection Fix programs.)

Other LW 5 versions: LW 5.5.9 (29 May 2010.) . . LW 5.5.8 (24 March 2010.) . . LW 5.4.8 (20 Feb 2010.) . . LW 5.4.6 (16 December 2009.) . . LW 5.3.6 (30 September 2009.)

* Recommended: either . (1) WireShare - Released March 2014 with periodic updates.
Or (2) File_Girl's LPE . (No legal notice, connects easily, runs like Pro mode; this version released by File_Girl71 on 12 November 2010 to remove the ugly splash screen & non-functioning AV! More information here.)

* To use any LimeWire 5 version under Java 7 (1.7) or later see LimeStart will fix overcome this issue. LimeStart is packaged with all the LW 5 versions listed on this page.
Neither WireShare or LimeWire 4 are affected by this issue.

Beta versions . LimeWire Changelog link

LW 5.6.0 was a Beta released a couple months before 5.5.10, it did include some additions which had not yet made it into the mainstream program. For those who wish to use it, LW 5.6.0 (20 April 2010.) (this version is safe to use!).
LW 5.6.1 (10 May 2010.) (this version is safe to use!).

LW prototypes-lightweight, . . LW prototypes-lan-mode, . . LW prototypes-geo-restrict
(Prototypes released on 4 May 2010 except Lightweight on 18 May 2010. The Prototypes were spin-off versions from LW 5.5/5.6 however may have their own version number.) . (Lightweight was designed to use less computer resources than regular LW and is half the file-size but same functionality. LAN mode, speaks for itself, designed to run on a local network presumably LAN or WAN. Geo-Restrict was designed to search & share files around local geographic area/region.)

LimeWirePortable_1.0.0.0.paf.exe (Released 9 December 2009.) . (No installation necessary, can use on any portable device that's connected to internet. eg: flash drive, external HDD, etc. The Portable was supposedly based on LW version 5.3, however looks more like version 5.0 or 5.1)


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