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Default Are You New To Limewire? Please Read This

First I want to say I am a newbie since this week. Only have two complete good movies downloaded and the DVD burner I ordered isn't even here yet. During this week I have learned:

1. Read these forums; Being lazy and not reading will give you a lot of heartache and you will end up back here anyway when things don't go well. They are loaded with information you need to know to make LW work well.

2. Look at the size of the files in your search window. If they are around 700MB it is a complete file. If it is way small you have a short clip, preview or an incomplete file. (For more info on incomplete files search the forum using 'incomplete file'.

3. Right click on any title in the search and in the pop up menu click on Bitzi Web Lookup. Often there will be a rating there for the file and this will save you some headaches. While you are at their site register and download the software so you can add comments on files you have downloaded. How to use Bitzi Web Lookup (click on blue link)

4. When you have a partially downloaded file going you can click preview to see if it looks like a good file.

5. Have fun!

* As for fake files see these links: (a) Beware of Fake files in search results, __ (b) Typical virus spam file sizes - Make a note of them (click on blue link to see)

* Frequent used spam words to filter out: Direct instructions to eliminate porn from results (includes link to more words also)

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