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Default PLEASE HELP. Limewire broken on Win XP

So I was working on a girlfriend of mines laptop and her limewire will not work. I am a computer consultant and felt like a total moron when I was unable to fix it for her. Her toshiba came with limewire installed and java. It worked fine until she tried to install a program called 'Pogo' which lets you play online games. Well I'm not sure as to what happened, but what I do know is java is installed (i uninstalled and reinstalled it), also i've done the same thing with Limewire. When you double click limewire, it does not run, it doesn't show up in the task manager, and it gives no errors. If anyone could please help me by providing information which might help me fix this problem for her, and save me from the embarassment of not being able to fix this, i would greatly appreciate it.
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