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Cool Search errors and oddities

I've been using LW for about 2 years, but within the past 6 months or so, I can't search for an artist and title without getting the following error message:

"Your search is too specific. Please make your search
smaller and start again."

Also, if I search for a specific title or artist or album, very often the results are close but no cigar. For example, an artist search for Edith Piaf brought results not only for her but also for male singers with whom she was associated. These files were not for duets with Edith; they were for singles by the men.

I recently switched from LW 9.30 to LW Pro 9.33 but the problems are equal opportunity.

FYI My computer uses Windows XP Home edition, JRE 1.5_03, Mozilla Firefox, has enough memory available, and uses a dial up modem.

I would really appreciate any help resolving these problems. Thanks