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This issue has been discussed so, so so many times. (search the word pest* on the forum using the search button above.) Programs like PestPatrol & some others don't properly recognise that LW does not have spyware, etc. If it misidentifies LW, then I wonder how many other files your program(s) have misidentified. Going with the spyware forum's two top choices, we recommend using 1. ad-ware (FREE), & also Spybot - Search & Destroy (FREE)

Are you aware that many spyware programs on the market don't work properly? Are you aware that some of those have spyware/adware themselves? And are you aware some are poor copies of other people's designs? And are you aware that in the same light as the previous point, that some that are free are repackaged by scam groups & sold to unsuspecting customers by using google sponsorship to push themselves into your face!?!

ie: be very careful about the spyware/adware programs you choose. Otherwise they can do damage to your system.

BTW the very 1st versions of LW did have adware but removed it roughly about 2-3 years ago.

If you wish to continue using the same spyware program you have, then put LW on the exception list. Your program will have one. If it doesn't then it's potentially dangerous. (I'd be curious to know which ones you have.)
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