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Default Internal error

Before going on vacation I had 2 LW crashes of which I could save one error message. While consulting about some other problem at a different thread ( A few things to consider while configuring Limewire for optimal performance... ) I was adviced to post here to ask for some input.

My errror message was/is:

I also experience some crashes with Fire Fox browser, sometimes when posting at forums and lately after the virus attachment scan from hotmail when forwarding mails. I'm not sure whether both things are connected in any way. However, I would appreciate if someone could look into the error message and give me some advice. If any further datas will be necessary, let me know and I'll try to get them with the little amount of computer knowledge I have...

I was able to reproduce the FF crash and saved that bug report as well, if it is of any help for the one who might be able to look at it.

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