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Default Limewire bad program for Torrents !!

Originally Posted by stief
Torrents are on for the next LW release. See for a taste of the politics involved, and for the design issues.
I must say what they are trying to I don't like one bit. Even if they warn a user that a download will stop if they kill an upload, they will be able to kill it after download has completed (correct me if I'm wrong).

They only way to stop leeching is to implement the share ratio in to the program. Like say anything under a 1/1 is totally unacceptable and will disable torrentprotocol.

We all know that most home broadbandservices have much faster download than upload. A user might be downloading three 4 GB+ files at a time. While he is downloading these files, he's uploading lets say 1 GB. After the downloads finish he then removes the files from his shares meaning he is leeching 3 GB

BTW this should also partly apply to the Gnutella network as well because this is what is going on with many users. I understand very well that torrentsites dislike the idea that Limewire will be able to download torrents. If this is really what they're going to do then every torrentprogram on earth will be releasing a new version that will block ALL Limewire users from connecting to their program. Some allready block bittorentprograms that have the option of DHT connection because of a slight chance that advanced users find a way around the shareratio and just leech.

Where would be a good place to start a discusion about this that the developers actually see ?
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