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After reading this forum, I contacted and requested a refund. I sent an e-mail and called their support line, which was answered suprisingly fast. I just bought the benefit of free downloads (what a joke!) on the 7th, so I figured I was okay to cancel. The woman that I spoke with ignorant. I told her that I wanted to cancel. She asked why. I told her it was because since I signed up, I learned that the service is a scam and I want a full refund. She says, get this, it's funny, 'that if it was a scam, you wouldn't be able to reach support.' LOL I laughed at her and she asked me what I was laughing at. I told her it's a scam operation and I want my money back. She puts me on hold for about 1 minute and comes back and says she authorized my refund and gave me a confirmation number. Then she says that she is not refunding $9.95 for a restocking fee (or some such garbage). I told her, 'yes you are. I will report this to the Internet Crime Commission. She was silent, then told me to hold on again. In about 30 seconds, she comes back and tells me that she has refunded ALL of my money. I asked her if there will be any more charges to my account. She said no. I contacted my bank and told them that this was a fraud and a scam and not to allow any more transactions through. I then filed a complaint with the Federal Government. Let's see what happens! Tricia
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