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Originally Posted by ursula View Post
haga click y haga click doble




and there's another word for Host but I can't recall now cuz I'm too old !

Amazing how many variations there are on those... Hope you're going for Castellano !

btw- QTH Mallorca !
Those words have already been used by me as far as 70% (might be more) of translations come from Spain (Españoles básicamente) and I'm used to them too.

In some places, and I don't understand why, the word "servidor" (server) is used, but this is not our case I believe.

Wel, having lived in Ibiza for some time, (but I have also been in Andalucía and Madrid) you get the idea of how Languages work ;=)

I was only one time in Palma de Mallorca.... that was just a dream.... (I really miss it)


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