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Common Gnutella Network video file formats: __ (see fuller list of video extensions here): Video File Formats (look under .m for variations of mpeg extensions.)

Recommended file extensions in blue:

mp4 (Base MPEG-4 or the more advanced MPEG-4 H.264 Video file format), __ mkv (Matroska Video containor), __ m4v (Is equivalent to mp4; iTunes Video File & is H.264 format. Quicktime player needs this to see chapters & ac3 audio. m4v files can simply be changed to .mp4. However if the video contains ac3 audio, changing to .mp4 will stop QT player recognising the file. VLC is unaffected), __ mpg/mpeg/mpe (MPEG Video File), __ dvx/divx (DivX-Encoded Movie File), __ xvid (Xvid-Encoded Video File), __ avi (Audio Video Interleave File - a containor file), __ .webm (WebM is an audio-video format designed to provide royalty-free, open video compression for use with HTML5 video. The project's development is sponsored by Google. A WebM file consists of VP8 video and Vorbis audio streams, in a container based on a profile of Matroska.)

mov (Apple QuickTime Movie containor), __ wmv (Windows Media Video File), __ rm (Real Media File), __ 3gp (3GPP Multimedia File), __ swf/flv (Macromedia ShockWave/Adobe Flash Movie), __ amv (Anime Music Video File)

* Both AVI & MOV & MKV extensions are 'containers' & can represent videos that have been formatted differently including encoded via H264, DivX, XviD, MPeg2/4, WMV, etc. Containers may contain almost any video format. AVI is a very old container format which MicroSoft has not updated in many, many years, now becoming out of sync with abilities & has various limitations compared to other containers. Some of AVI's abilities to add some kinds of audio make it trouble-some for some players. I still see far too many AVI files on the Gnutella network, AVI is way out of date & is not suited to MPeg4 H264 format. Use one of "today's" containers such as either mp4 or m4v or mkv. Recommended containers to use are mkv & mp4/m4v. (The latter can also be seen as a container for H264.)
* MPG can represent mpeg 1 or 2 or 4 formats, but generally mpeg1 or 2.
* MOV files can contain 'any' kind of video format within. MOV files encoded using QuickTime may also represent any of the multiple QT formats.
* MOV files might not have been encoded with QuickTime, but a windows program that uses their own odd version of the file extension (such is commonly used for porn spam). wmv & mov formats have dangerous ability to add internet hyperlinks & programs within. wmv worse due to the latter.

Movies should usually be 500 MB or larger. Short shows, between 150 MB or higher (generally 350 MB+).

Best Quality video formats in order of encoding efficiency & quality: (1) H.264 (the open source X264 is far better presently), (2) DivX, (3) MPeg 4, (4) MPeg 2, (5) MPeg 1.
(Note: These are all 'Lossy' video formats which means saving them into these formats results in throwing away information to help them save & reduce in file size. Only as a last resort would you wish to re-save them into another lossy video format, and best to choose the highest quality option when doing so. XviD & 3ivx range in quality between standard MPeg 4 & DivX. _ DVD video uses MPeg 2 format. VCD uses MPeg 1 format & SVCD uses MPeg 2 format. Blu-ray Disc uses H.264 format (and can use a few others.)
Lots of users would like to see maintaining of the original video dimensions where possible; eg: 720 x 480 (ntsc), 720 x 576 pixels (pal), 1280 x 720 (720P) etc. for HDD/widescreen. _____ VCD dimensions are much smaller; 352 x 288 Pal, 352 x 240 ntsc. SVCD = 480x480 ntsc, 480x576 pal. ___ Note: Whilst some video formats might be better than others, obviously it depends on quality settings when encoding the video as to how good the actual resultant video file is. For those encoding videos nowadays from originals, please choose original video view dimensions (eg: 720x480), a good HQ video format (eg: H.264/X.264) and high quality settings with VBR & preferably 2-pass encoding. Most people have fast speed internet connections nowadays & can download the extra larger size of higher quality videos! 1 GB plus in size no problem ... don't be shy to give it the quality it needs. ) Nowadays, a video can be converted to X.264 format at half or 1/3 the size MPeg2 (DVD format) could do, yet still be better quality. A video encoded into MPeg 2 format at maximum quality does not come close to the quality of a file encoded into H/X.264 at medium quality or above.

If using an older DivX encoder, I'd instead recommend using either MPeg Streamclip or Handbrake (both Free) & encoding into H.264 (they use the open source X264 which in recent couple of years is more advanced than professional H264 encoders.) X264 does a far better job than DivX. And, do not use mp3 for audio in DivX video encoding. DivX uses non-standard video presets (dumb huh.) DivX is a PATENT format. (Besides, I've seen so many highly pixelated DivX videos, not to mention with mp3 audio which is difficult for converters to extract since mp3 is not a regular video audio format.) AVI is now old, whilst it can have H.264 encoded within, it's limited. (Time to give up the very old-hat AVI container. And time to leave the patent encoders like DivX, 3ivx, etc.) :P Both Xvid and 3ivx use MPEG-4 Part 2, whereas H264=AVC/MPEG-4 Part 10.

DivX is a *Patent* format that only runs on Windows or Mac and not compatible with Linux. The Mac version of DivX tends to have issues. Unless you are using DivX Pro, you will see the DivX watermark at the beginning of DivX encoded videos. DivX version 7's H264 format is not as good as other H264 formats. DivX version 5 was step above standard MPeg4, but is now an old format. Instead of using *Patent* encoders, the best around these days is the open source X264 which is *totally free*. X264's only issue is not too many people know X264 has been the best H264 encoder around for a few years now. X264 has won annual awards for comparisons with other brands of H264. X264 is a universal codec/encoder that will run on Windows, Mac or Linux.

X.264 is by far the best format around for encoding videos. X264 is far better than Apples H.264, better than DivX H.264. Let's move with the day. Choose the best encoder there is. X264 is the best & nothing comes near it. Throw away those XviD & DivX encoders. (XviD uses an earlier MPeg 4 definition format from many years ago rather obsolete & so much less efficient.) To get just the encoder, depends which implementations of it they have used. eg: X264 encoder.
Quote from Wikipedia: As of August 2008, x264 implements more features than any other H.264 encoder. X264 has won comparison awards from 2006-7 & 2009 to 2011. Warner Brothers has used X264 for commercial Blu-rays.

Commonly spammed via formats (generally porn or rubbish): wm/wmv, _ asx (Microsoft ASF Redirector File), __ asf (Advanced Systems Format File), __ mov (those less than 150 MB in size), __ rm
(These files are generally less than 120 MB (120,000 KB) in size & not a bad idea to put this collection of extensions in keyword filter to remove them from search results, else be aware of their size & likely true spammed content.)

More about H.264 here _ (Click on blue link);
H.264 file extensions:
.avi -> Yes, people use .avi for H264 videos too! However AVI with H.264 has limitations for both encoding & reading back by players; particularly audio issues such as vbr. (If you wish to encode H264/X264, please user a more up-to-date container such as mp4, m4v or mkv.
.mp4 -> Nero Recode, Quicktime & MPeg Streamclip use this format. Better than AVI as you can store AAC audio as well. _ (.mp4 is also the default extension for MPeg 4 when saved via Quicktime Pro.)
.mov -> Quicktime also commonly uses this for H.264 (QT container is fine to use for H264, however is not recommended for sharing on the Gnutella network. The MP4 container was actually based on quicktime's .mov container. ie: Apple originally submitted the mp4 specifications based on .mov)
.mkv -> Matroska container - can support many video and audio formats. Have a look here for more info. (An mkv file could contain 'any' video or audio format within, similar to but more advanced than avi & mov.)
.m4v -> used by various programs. This is a generic MPeg 4 format file extension. QuickTime can convert to iPod compatibility using this file extension. Handbrake exports MPeg 4 X.264 using this extension for iTunes compatibility. The m4v and mp4 file extensions are interchangeable. However, QuickTime player will only recognise chapters if m4v is used.
.h264 -> This extension is not commonly used. Maybe in the future.

Where to get H.264 codec? Check H.264 converters and X264 encoder for encoders. By the way, X.264 = H.264. The x264 Encoder is highly regarded & presently has more advanced abilities than H.264 due to constant development on the X264 open-source version. H.264 is already supplied for QuickTime Pro users. ___ MPeg Streamclip (Free) is a great program for converting to H.264 with more parameter control than Quicktime Pro (I suspect MPeg Streamclip actually uses X.264 due to its B-Frame abilities.)

_Handbrake (Free) is also a good X.264 converter 'when' or 'if' it works (it's extremely buggy.) Just be careful, some of the advanced X264 ability encoding options are not fully compatible with all H264 players/codecs. VLC plays fine however. Handbrake is a much more advanced program than MPeg Streamclip. Please note: Handbrake has QuickTime compatibility issues which the HandBrake Developers say they never intend to fix because there is no Linux version of Quicktime. (This has been verified as a continuous problem via multi-members testing.) Handbrake is good when it works BUT, can be unreliable, crash often, problems such as out-of-sync audio & video (audio track being longer or shorter than the video after the encode.)

The Handbrake devs cannot find an answer to the problem, but do enjoy making excuses or instead, attacking the poster because they can't think of an answer, but have been known to be dishonest in covering HB's probems because they have 'no' answers. I could not believe how 'dishonest' the actual devs themselves were; totally trying to hide the problems with handbrake, trying to suggest the person who posted was not even honourable to post lol. Seems their general approach when they are caught with their pants undone. So the moderators become distasteful instead to cover their backs. ie: the Handbrake forum is run by super arrogant people who prefer to give personal criticisms against the members rather than solve their problem (quote: I saw several ugly posts by them targeting other members, eventually to me; they live in a fairy God land there. Say anything that's not heavenly about HB & you get the heck thrown at you with no help.

Point out the obvious that Handbrake is an extremely buggy program, which is a fact. (Are the rumors the Handbrake personnel are drug dealers & pushers of specially 'home' produced 'killer' amphetamines in their underworld true? Was that the reason two of their devs were 'caught' & jailed a few ago, never to be seen again on the forum!? Sure they're probably not all like that. Who really cares, we have an open mind here, the fact is the program is buggy & basically sucks & seems their devs don't do much better by their outward appearance & responses.) Treat them as gods & say HB is a gift from the gods else you will be treated as a moron & possibly very insultingly.

Unlike these Gnutella forums where the devs treat you well if they respond to one of your posts. One heck of a difference. I guess drugs clouds some peoples minds. Yuck to the HB forum experience of their devs & mods & their dishonesty, "lack of ability" to solve or seek to solve bug issues. sighs) It's against forum policy to give links to child-killing drug producing/involved forums, sorry. Even if those rumors are untrue. Their attitude speaks for itself, does appear like their brains are infested with something aggressive. I wonder which drug that might suggest. - lol Thank you to Mysteriious for her research & feedback; a 'dumb' prod as she said, experienced university qualified multi-media person previously involved with the Lord of the Rings movie project whilst still as a student (a special friend), & now with her Wisp production company for video productions & reproductions. Qualified in 3D art & video, specialising in 'specially needed' improvements. .

Originally Posted by mysterious
ROFL I was surprised to see how far some of these obviously young & inexperienced Handbrake devs would stoop to lying & posting misinformation to cover HB's lack of abilities ... not sure what they are scared of, but they should admit the inabilities of HB so professionals don't need to waste their time .. and develop it further ...
... their approach is so wrong lol, not the one to help develop the program, but instead ... gives them a bad name as "totally dishonest"
That said enough for me. She 'is' a professional. And yet again, ideal tester.

And thank you to Lost & Shay for both their feedback on similar experiences., though less posts tested still gave same test results, a mighty thank you. It's my guess many of the HB devs are simply "clueless" so take their own frustrations out on the newbie members. wow that must make them feel 'gooooood' .. & in the meantime "LIE" about HB's lack of abilties, including those with QuickTime, such as Animation format. :P Total dishonesty on the developers part, total liars, total "fakes" !!!

* MPeg Streamclip in comparison works well 100% of the time & is much simpler to use. *

Meaning of CODEC: (a) CODEC, __ (b) wikipedia definition of CODEC
No picture or sound on video playback? Check the list for Codec pack updates or players with in-built codecs to help with reliable playback (click on blue link)

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