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Things i would suggest:

1. Download the OFFLINE version of Java (do not install yet!) Java Downloads for All Operating Systems - Sun Microsystems (about 15 MB download size, 2nd option which is the OFFLINE one) OR use this link Java Offline installer direct download.
2. Download the OFFLINE version of LW: Find a LW installer here (do not install yet!)
3. Go to Start menu -> All Programs -> LW -> Uninstall.
4. Using your Add/Remove Programs control panel, remove all versions of Java.
5. Run either or both of these utilities: (a) Crap Cleaner, &/or (b) Microsoft Windows Install Clean Up. _ (For CCleaner, click the Registry tab to use that function.) (For Windows 7 to 10 see Fix problems that block programs being installed/removed as the MS Install Clean Up alternative.)
6. Reinstall Java using the above version. (You will probably need to reboot after reinstalling Java) *Windows 7-8 & Vista users Right-Click the Java installer & choose 'Run as Administrator' before installing. This is a must for Windows 7 or later.
7. Reinstall LW using the above version. . (Vista users should right-click the LW installer & choose Run as Administrator.)
8. If still problems, delete the LW preferences folder whilst LW is closed, found here:
9. If still issues, try steps 5 and 6 here; re: Run as Administrator & maybe Change compatibility mode.
10. Tip: Purge the Downloads Queue! (click on blue link)

Limewires pop up screens not clickable...-windows-7-lw-java-set-installers-admin.gif - Sample image for setting both Java & LW installers to Run as Administrator in Windows 7. For steps 6 and 7 above.

BTW since you have updated your LW & deleted the LW preferences, the LW preferences folder will no longer be called .limewire, it will be called limewire & is found in a different location, see Deleting your Limewire Preferences folder. (Different LW prefs name & location was only applicable to those who started with LW 4.10 or earlier.)

(Make sure to click on the Registry tab on left of CCleaner to scan & fix issues. Unused Extensions, Obsolete Software, etc. are things which can affect operation of Java & other programs. CC gives option to backup registry just in case of problems. You can use first tab above registry to safely clean up other things any time. Most technical forums give thumbs up to using CCleaner above all other registry cleaners!)

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