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Have you done a speed test? Uploading is technologically more difficult than downloading, though this may vary depending on location/country technology, equipment, etc. Choose nearest location for a speed test & only have your browser open: Speed Test Internet Speed Test DSL Speed Test Broadband Speed Test Bandwidth Speed Test

Depends which version of LW you are using, however a couple extra ideas here (points #2 & 3) How to Share Folders (click on link)
re: file description / tagging, & chat (applies to LW 4 only for chat which can help with sharing.) The more description/tag information your files have, the more chances they will be picked up in searches. Turning on Chat will help you believe it or not, even if you do not wish to chat. Chat messages are rarely sent nowadays anyway.

BTW I have lots of files I share that if not for a description would probably not get uploaded since the filename itself says nothing. The filename sometimes is just a jumble of letters or numbers. But people know what they are via my descriptions.
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