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You miss the point of my admittedly overly angry post which I kinda-sorta thought might draw the response from a masked perp or two. I will make it a bit more velveeta for you sensitive types. Anyway...let me break it down for you in a way that even you could understand. So, you say most ppl that report a T3 connection are on a local area network. So...that would mean that they are on a supposed T3 line at a university "milking the system" via a Mac/Linux/Windoze box. Probably not a high school (most don't have the budget) or a business (the staff would find out very quick what misery the unemployment line holds for them when the admin. checks the log). Anyway, just for your information...campus-based university students typically have access to ISDN, direct T1 and FT3 (the latter 2 being the norm), with a few of the upper echelon universities shelling out for the full T3 connection. And those being typically LAN based, the norm have a bandwidth per user on average of 8-12k/sec maximum visible transfer rate during peak hours depending on how many clients. And of course, they limit their u/l bandwidth when it serves at a snails pace! So first, get your facts straight and then know that I was stating that Limewire asks for your connection speed, not type! 8-12k/sec does not equate to T3 speeds. Have a nice day, junior! It's a good idea you remain anon. And to the rest of you...Please, just report your rough actual speeds, not type of connection, so that the other users do not have to sift through the mud trying to find a fast server! You still get full search ops. Thanks
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