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Arrow flashing moving Linux: LW still works fine with version 5.5.10, but do not attempt to use later version !!!

Looks like the money grabbing nazis have stuck their boots in to stop the use of LW or limit its use. . Forced Update & Legal Notice Sample Image.
(The weblink that message came from has since been closed down so instead you may receive an error message 'You are offline', but ignore this as shown here.) LW 4 does not have force update options, neither does LW 5.5.10 or earlier (or 5.6 beta.)

If you intend to download LimeWire 5 or LPE (Pirate Edition), then I recommend also downloading the linux_lwSettings_Connect_LimeStart.tar.gz as this includes an installer for settings, search spam filter, Connection file, LimeStart and optional LW Security to block out much spam. LimeStart will prevent LW deleting your connection file if not used in 28 or more days. There is a LW4 equivalent at bottom of page which does not need LimeStart.

Some linux systems might need the sun (oracle) java version for LW 5 to run (instead of the open source icedtea java.) Oracle's Java 6 or 7 seem to work fine. For ubuntu instructions here.

If problems installing the LimeWireLinux.deb versions, then try the version instead. Or alternatively if unpack the deb version via terminal using a command like sudo dpkg -i LimeWirePirateEdition.deb does not work, use an extractor instead. Example, right-click the deb file and choose extract here.

Recommended is WireShare. WireShare 5.6.3 released March 2014 is an upgrade from LimeWire Pirate Edition 5.6.2 from late 2010. WireShare has an inclusive installer for connection file & hostiles. WireShare includes several improvements and bug-fixes which fix the Java 7 issue, no deletion of the connection file, larger connection cache & some other major bug fixes & improvements.

You can still use LW 5 if you downgrade back to LW 5.5.10 or earlier. Basic instructions are here:

You can choose and download these versions from SaberCat folder or a GoogleDrive folder. (You might need to switch to List View to see the version names properly. Sample OSX equivalent image here.)
(Note about 3rd-party host sites: be careful of the advertisements as many are misleading and some dangerous. Worst site is 4Shared.)
SaberCat mirror download folder is a safer alternative.
The 4Shared download options below you need to become a member of their site for downloading. 4Shared mirror download folder. 4Shared download instructions here. . (LW 5 versions will need LimeStart.)

LimeWireLinux 5.5.10.deb (click link). . (Released 24 June 2010)

LimeWireLinux 5.5.9.deb (click link) (Debian, Ubuntu). . (29 May 2010) . . LimeWireOther (OS/2, Solaris, Linux)

LimeWireLinux 5.5.8.deb (click link) (Debian, Ubuntu). . (5 April 2010) . . LimeWireOther (OS/2, Solaris, Linux)

If you are presently a LW 5.5 Pro user, then your activation will hopefully be automatically recognised for 5.5.8, 5.6.0 & 5.6.1. Else the program is used in Basic mode. It is not possible to activate new Pro users even with the Pro key code. Activations might also be time limited.

. . . LimeWireLinux 5.4.7.deb (Debian, Ubuntu). . (15 February 2010) . . LimeWireOther (OS/2, Solaris, Linux)

. . . LimeWireLinux 5.3.6.deb (click link)(Debian, Ubuntu). . (30 September 2009)

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . LW version nouvelle pas pirat e du tout

There is also the * LimeWire Pirate Editon * (LPE 5.6.2) which is based on LW Basic but gives as good as LW Pro. No legal notice on startup. Connects very easily! WireShare 5.6.4 can be found in same download locations as LPE.

linux_lwSettings_Connect_LimeStart.tar.gz :- MediaFire Mirror, . . 4Shared Mirror . . . If LW 5 is already installed & only want LimeStart here. LimeStart is installed to the desktop, or move anywhere within your permissible zones it should work. If not, let me know or the fixes required. Since I was unable to install the LW deb package I can not check LimeStart works as intended with the program directories. Ubuntu does not have any program folder per se.
To speed startup, you may wish to change the 'find' command to 'locate' if you have run LW in a previous boot session, or even replace with the direct location of the file and a launch command.

LimeWire Changelog

* Note: LW 5 & 4 will not connect without a fresh (SaberCat mirror) / (Mediafire mirror) / (4Shared) file so follow these instructions, ie: program must be closed when you replace the file at ~/.limewire/
. . ... alternatively, download the linux_lwSettings_Connect_LimeStart.tar.gz file which includes a connection file installer. Fresh connection installer can also be found here (combo LW & FW connection installer.)
* Note 2: LimeWire 5 versions will delete the gnutella connection file if the program has not been used in 28 or more days. You can use LimeStart which will automatically change the file's date before it launches LW.

To stop the Legal notice on start window, simply click My Files / Library tab or do a search & it will vanish. For LW 4, simply click on the white area or do a search. Now, instead of seeing the legal notice, you may instead receive a warning you are not connected to the internet. One reason will be because the link which previously hosted the legal notice or updates is now dead. What to take notice of is the color bars bottom-left of LW's window, green or blue is connected, grey or red is not connected to the network. sample image

* For anybody whom is interested, you can add a security to help block out spam. Details here: Security packages for LimeWire (help block out the spam and evil hosts). You can at least try one of them to see if it is helpful for you. Nobody is pretending they will block out all spam but certainly greatly reduce it, and even better it will reduce chances of you connecting directly to known spam/hostile hosts. There's different types of spammers and hostile hosts. Some you may not be aware of due to their approaches. For example, some will ping your client to reduce your program's abilities at downloading, uploading, searching and even connections. At worst the ping attacks will make you lose internet connection. Some will browse you as soon as and every time you log into the network. Then some may browse you robotically every 10-15 minutes for hours on end without downloading from you. Then there's some whom will attempt to fill and constrain your upload slots. This is a well known approach of theirs for many years. They will normally either choose your largest files to download all at once or your largest collection of files. These are all what I would refer to as hostiles. Spammers are another category of hostile host.

Beta versions

LW 5.6.0 was a Beta released a couple months before 5.5.10, it did include some additions which had not yet made it into the mainstream program. For those who wish to use it, . . . LW 5.6.0.deb (Released 20 April 2010.) . . . LW 5.6.1.deb (Released 10 May 2010.)
(these 5.6 versions are safe to use! But you will need a fresh file to connect with.)

LimeWireLinux Lightweight.deb (18 May 2010) . . (was a version built to use less computer resources than regular LW but same level ability.)
(Details about these beta versions will be coming soon; see changelog above; they were released between mid April to mid May 2010. * We are seeking more betas for those who are interested. *** If you have any other Prototype beta versions, please contact either Birdy or myself so we can add them to this page.)

LimeWirePortable_1.0.0.0.paf.exe (9 December 2009) . (No installation necessary, can use on any portable device that's connected to internet. eg: flash drive, external HDD, etc. I was told by a non-involved LW-dev the Portable was based on LW version 5.3, but might actually have been based on an earlier version judging by its looks; looks more like version 5.0 or 5.1.)

LimeWire Changelog link

LimeWire 4 versions: . . . . . (SaberCat mirror all versions or GoogleDrive Mirror download option for all versions)

LimeWireLinux 4.18.8.deb (19 September 2008. Debian, Ubuntu)

LimeWireOther (OS/2, Solaris, Linux)

LimeWireLinux 4.16.7.deb (22 April 2008.)

LimeWireLinux 4.16.6.deb (10 February 2008.)

LimeWireOther (OS/2, Solaris, Linux)

LimeWireLinux 4.14.10.deb(19 September 2007.) . . [LW v4.14+ supported both DHT and TLS if host is not firewalled. 4.14 to 4.16 TLS could affect ability to connect well.]

linux_lw4_Settings_Connect.tar.gz :- MediaFire Mirror, . . SaberCat mirror download folder, . . 4Shared Mirror . . . (LW 4 settings are a little different to LW 5, thus the different install option. Includes connection file, search spam filters, optional LW security blocks.)

* Linux LimeWire 4 SKINS here or also a 4Shared download folder link near top of page.

More Linux LW installers can be found at Afterdawn. Exact dates of version releases may not be 100% accurate, there may be up to a 5 day variation of accuracy.

Do not disable file-sharing, do not 'freeload', if nobody were sharing files, you know of course there would be no files to download. If you are a part of the file-sharing community, then share your part and be a respected member of the file-sharing community. Do you never return what you borrow from your friends? Do you never return your partner's kisses and attention? File-sharing can even be a passion!


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