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Haven't heard of an insurance company that isn't run for the benefit of its' directors and chairman.

I was hired by Combined Ins Co, attended their paid training program, (was top in my class), and then worked for six weeks before quitting. The sales training was useful; I learned how to look someone in the eye as I lied to them. The company owner, WC Stone, had donated $2M to Nixon's Committee to Re-Elect the President ("CREEP" - what a perfect acronym!).

In 1980 I paid $8 for insurance on a U-Haul trailer that I rented. A freak accident left the trailer looking like an opened sardine can. The only part of the trailer that was not damaged was at the back, where signage read, "U-Haul - Adventure In Moving".

When my Adventure ended I submitted a claim for damages totaling $4k (actual cost of replacement). Had I sold all my stuff before moving I would have made about $1,500, so I was happy to accept a settlement in that amount. The company sent me a check in about ten days after I filed my claim. Wow.

I wish I could remember the name of that insurance company.
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