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arrr I see , I will bare that in mind then.
unfurtunetely what you described is just what happend to my p.c. and the reason im now using my old mac.
I some how got this thing called 'security sheild' wich then started bombarding me with prompts to buy its fake security software and went on to slow my pc to a completely inoperable state antill it completely f*%ed it, leaving me with no other option but to reinstall windows from cd and i dont have the cd. malicious ware ,yes very malicious....
all this happend within the first few weeks of getting a internet conection for the first time in my life and was a bit of a bummer. i will soon have it up and running agian and wil lbe more cuatious in the future.
thanks for explaining that , as i am new to thisi internet lark and equaly amazed and nieve to its capabilitys.
il check out the games on here.
thanks for the help (:
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