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Originally posted by Ringo Chen
Correct, however like you said. It's not file sharing. God I love open source

Uh, I said something else: I said: It isn't intended for file sharing. Still it is being used for file-sharing via frost (and not that ineffective).

Which means: Freenet is the only really anonymous file-sharing app (which suffers from all the downsides of anonymity: Slower downloads, much network overhead (some of it even intentional) and you have to give at least 250MB of your hard disk to freenet (better still: iGB or more), on which encrypted data is being stored, whoose content you may never know.).

Still it does work. It isn't very usable from the UI standpoint, but working.

About the post about anonymizing: I'll need some time for the answer. Many things happening in my life at the moment.

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