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Lord of the Rings April 12th, 2005 04:02 AM

Major Topics for OSX Installation Help
Below are major links to topics you should see BEFORE posting about the topic if still need to post after reading. (click on links!)

Newbie's Guide To Writing A Good Thread

(a) * LimeWire installers versions 4 through to 5.5.9 * . . (Versions to suit OS 9 through to latest OSX)

(b) LimeWire 5 only compatible OSX 10.6 or intel computers running OSX 10.5 or later to access Java 1.6 which LW 5 requires. Find a version for your OSX. (click to see sample of where to get it)

(a) Can't launch LW: Bouncing in Dock/Install 'null' error quick fix list
(b) LimeWire Bounces In Dock and Disappears? Look Here! (possible BSD issue or other)

OSX Firewall settings for Tiger, Leopard & Snow Leopard OSX 10.4,10.5 & 10.6 (Panther & earlier are similar to Tiger's settings)

Deleting LW Preferences folder in OSX

HOW TO FIX: problems with new versions of OSX / firewall / launch - for Panther

OS 10.3.9 issues

JavaApplicationStub to fix Java issues

LimeWire.dmg thinks its an Excell or QuickTime document (or something else)

(a) Installing LimeWire for Jaguar, OS 10.2 (click on link)
(b) Installing LimeWire for Puma, OS 10.1 or Cheetah, 10.0 (click on link)
(c) For anybody wanting Installers for OSX 10.0-10.3, Earlier Mac OS X versions get your limewire installer link here - Click here

LimeWire Manual

Other Stickys you may find some answers: Major Topics for General OSX Help --- MAJOR TOPICS for Open Discussion HELP --- Connections Problems? Look here before posting! --- Download/Upload Problems Sticky

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