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sberlin May 21st, 2004 02:34 PM

Feature Requests
Please add your feature requests to this thread.

The following requests are already noted, please do not add them again.

Please add your request as replies to this thread, in a concise manner. If you want to discuss a feature in detail, please do so in another thread.

Thanks very much.

- Option for the maximum simultaneous transfers of a single file, preventing a file from taking all upload slots.

- Reorganize preferences: No more firewall option, rename port to firewall, the search option (limit, speed, quality) removed, no more compression option, no more out of band option.

- New system of requeries [not going to happen any time soon]

- A file rating system, allowing users to collectively rate fake/garbage/good/excellent files.

- Browse clients other than LimeWire from upload window

- Allow browsing firewalled hosts

- Use NIO to take up less resources/RAM

- Client side queueing of multiple requests to a single source

- Remember advanced stats checkbox between launches

- Remember preferred sort order between launches

- Ability to clear existing sort on a table.

- Explore button on download page

- A private folder accessable only by trusted users

- Allow certain files/folders to get preferred status in upload slots

- An option to connect to fewer ultrapeers when acting as a leaf

- A mailto button for formatting & sending magnet links

- Multiple download folders for different types of downloads

- Sharing of portions of iTunes selections by choosing a playlist

- An edit menu (and ability to copy/select any displayed text)

- Ability to send download filename in search box.

- A mini LimeWire to handle magnets

- A window menu to bring chat/options/stats/main window to the foreground

- Browse host to display results with directory structure like in the library

- Drag & Drop support

- Monitor pane moved

- Bandwidth status displayed in the GUI at all times.

- Searching for phrases together, using "LimeWire Rocks" and finding only results where LimeWire Rocks, instead of limewire on the rocks.

- Seekable media player.

- Symbol next to the 'X' on search tabs to show the context menu.

- Re search for corrupt files automatically. (Should be taken care of already with TigerTree support, actually.)

- Recently searched drop down box.

swimkid May 22nd, 2004 08:24 AM

itunes support for windows

et voilą May 22nd, 2004 02:41 PM

I want a firewall indicator light in the LW gui: green you are unfirewalled on the port and yellow you are firewalled (like bearshare). Once you click on the yellow light it bring you to a page explaining how to configure firewalls and routers for gnutella. Also, this light would be hideable in the display menu - show /hide-. The idea is to lower the number of firewalled nodes which will benefits to all users.

stief May 22nd, 2004 04:15 PM

--repeat search added to the context menu of the downloads pane

-*****ulative search results for repeat search (differentiate old sources by grey colour?).

--truncated filenames in downloads pane visible by tooltip (as with search items).

--clicking on a download enters the filename in the keyword search box (automatically or by contextual menu). [redundant if the edit menu happens].

--a Gnutella CONNECTION TESTER (stand-alone or integrated), that will diagnose and rate the health of the connection relative to what the user can expect with a browser, identify upstream blocks and filters, and link to suggestions for improvement as et voilą rightly suggests. [useful even if the firewall->firewall transfers become widespread] Old request here

--moving all the advanced stats (and maybe similar GUI options like IP, Location, and Vendor) to a standalone app or plugin (Pro goody?)

--first time splash screen that also warns about slow start-up because of hashing. Better yet, the hashing of 50 files before connections are attempted the first time. Hashing of further files and folders made relative to CPU usage.

--Add File menu item added to the Library->File Menu [already covered under Drag and Drop addition?]

--support for bit-torrents/bitprints/multiple networks or whatever the current filesharing fashion happens to be ;) . Do unto other networks better than they have done unto gnutella [discussion over here]

et voilą May 22nd, 2004 04:40 PM


Originally posted by stief
--support for bit-torrents/bitprints/multiple networks or whatever the current filesharing fashion happens to be ;) . Do to other networks better than they have done unto gnutella
LoL Stief :D (are you serious? Multinetwork thing is a flawed idea from start... forget it) Your other suggestions are great however ;)

arne_bab May 26th, 2004 10:37 AM

- For OSX: "Show file" (as opposed to opening it). With that we can simply find the file in the filemanager.

- For OSX: Add downloaded mp3 to Party-Jukebox-Playlist (remember, that te playlist is called differently in differently localized iTunes).

arne_bab May 27th, 2004 10:27 AM

- When finding a file which I already have locally, LimeWire should automatically try it as alt-loc for my local files and, when successful, add it as alt-loc for that file.

verdyp May 27th, 2004 11:31 AM


Originally posted by arne_bab
- For OSX: "Show file" (as opposed to opening it). With that we can simply find the file in the filemanager.
Isn't it the same as the existing "Explore" button? I don't know if this button found on Windows (that opens an Explorer Window showing the directory where a selected file is stored) has an equivalent on OSX's Finder. May be this button should be named "Find" (rather than "Explore" on Windows)?

arne_bab May 27th, 2004 12:37 PM

In the OSX-GUI we only have a "start"-button, which plays the file, but no "show"-button (which is how it should be named in OSX)

rkapsi May 27th, 2004 12:53 PM

The "Explore" button is in the Library.

Feature request: less Buttons, more Shortcuts as replacement (backspace could be used to kill/clear marked downloads etc etc).

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