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  #31 (permalink)  
Old December 31st, 2005
Join Date: December 30th, 2005
Posts: 31
ChrisAvalon is flying high

Haha, you too.
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  #32 (permalink)  
Old December 31st, 2005
Lord of the Rings's Avatar
Join Date: June 30th, 2004
Location: Middle of the ocean apparently (middle earth)
Posts: 593
Lord of the Rings has a distinguished reputationLord of the Rings has a distinguished reputationLord of the Rings has a distinguished reputation

I see where your original point was coming from about google versus searching on gnutella, be it your opinion was right or wrong, accurate or inaccurate. But when the discussion shifted toward scam sites, I have to disagree totally with most of your points.

How is it the scammed end up on this forum. If the site you say provides great support, then why do they end up here? They sell what they don't own. That group has multiple sites under different names & one day they may direct you to LW Basic (after promising LW Pro), the next to BearShare (or vice-versa) or .... you're never too sure what softw you end up with. They also sell packages with movie codecs which are in fact free for those of us who know. Some of those scam sites serve their own adulterated versions that include spyware & even virii (the latter reported from scam sites from Europe.) So it's somewhat insulting having people make money out of others hard work when the original source offers it as freeware.

I find it quite insulting that you appear to be supporting the concept of scammers. That it's ok for them to exist. That if they pay google to list their sites in searches, then that makes it ok. That if they have what appears to be a support line, then that makes them a legible group. But if their support is so good ... what the heck are they doing coming here? There's been so many people scammed by that group of people ... cheated. Thought they were buying something & end up with something else ... perhaps not even the softw they were after as suggested.

We on this forum help for free. We are volunteers. We have pity on people who get scammed. But for you to come along & say it's all ok ... well ... sounds like perhaps you are one of the owners or work for one of these scam sites in question. Saying those scam sites are not a scam & that's it's simply shady advertising. You obviously haven't seen all the reports of people who've been scammed. And no, it's not so easy to get your money back from those scam sites. How can they offer "Lifetime membership" when eventually the FBI will close them down. how long do most software companies last. How long do most scam sites last. They are out for quick money ... get it whilst they can & then run when they come under investigation. Their owners register under aliases & sometimes non-existing addresses. Such sites could not exist in my country because we have quite a few laws which would prohibit such sites & false advertising. And even if such sites set up (refering to different type of sites but scammers all the same), they get taken down by the authorities very quickly. Then the results are in the hands of the authorities to jail & fine the offenders. There's also room for the scammed to sue the offenders. Unfortunately in the USA, the internet laws offer a little more freedom. But there are law dept's that can deal with them if they are made aware of them.

There's nothing like a healthy argument/discussion. But yours resorted to insulting forum members & using obscene words on a public forum where people of "all" ages visit. Forum Rules (click here)
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  #33 (permalink)  
Old December 31st, 2005
Join Date: December 30th, 2005
Posts: 31
ChrisAvalon is flying high

Oh man, haha.

Alright, I apoligize for the rules and the kiddies who must constantly be reading Limewire forums. KIDS, DON'T TRY THIS AT HOME.

And I'm not supporting scammers. I'm simply NOT sympathizing with those too dumb to not take advantage of either a moneyback guarantee - or someone who doesn't take the time to care about how they spend their money. READ UP FIRST.

There will ALWAYS be people who do that. And frankly, I don't care. As long as these people FOLLOW THE LAW - I'm fine. Your moral grounds have no place for me, because I'm not arguing whether it's morally right or wrong. I'm saying it's legal - so get the hell over it.
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  #34 (permalink)  
Old December 31st, 2005
Gnutella Admirer
Join Date: August 28th, 2004
Posts: 67
Morb is flying high

Out of curiosity I clicked to download a "sponsored result" to see what they are all about last night. Nothing downloads, it's just a link. Is this a bug in Limewire or is that intentional? I never would have known that downloading a file in Limewire would directly open a browser window to an advertisement. Though I just put the word, sponsored, in the list of keywords to filter out and that seems to work.

On a side note, those that say it's the Gnutella network and Limewire has nothing to do with it, blah.... Limewire can control what is shown on the search results window regardless of what's on the network. And giving control to the users is what people seem to be asking for in general. Some people just don't understand this I guess.
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  #35 (permalink)  
Old December 31st, 2005
Join Date: December 30th, 2005
Posts: 31
ChrisAvalon is flying high

Thanks Morb. I'll try that.

And exxxxxxxxactly for that last point.
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  #36 (permalink)  
Old December 31st, 2005
me d's Avatar
Gnutella Veteran
Join Date: November 9th, 2005
Location: summerville sc usa
Posts: 136
me d is flying high
Default basic limewire

all the time i hear people whining about "basic" or "the free" limewire.
i've not Ever had any major probs with "basic", other than my own computer. maybe if people would stop blaming everyone else for their probs, they could actually find out what's wrong.
sure there are minor problems but, where in life are there not problems, when you consider what you're getting!!!

i have found that if you have a problem, it is better received when followed by a solution.

all you whiners that want to do nothing to help: need to go to google & find the first site for limewire that will refund your money if you're not satisfied, & will support you doing so!!

how's that for a solution?
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  #37 (permalink)  
Old December 31st, 2005
Grandpa's Avatar
Valued Member contributor
Join Date: February 20th, 2005
Location: Depends on the Day
Posts: 3,012
Grandpa will become famous soon enough

Originally you comment was about the integrity of google not the Legality of the web site.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.
Jump to: navigation, search
Integrity comprises the personal inner sense of "wholeness" deriving from honesty and consistent uprightness of character.
Popular views of Integrity
Many people appear to use the word "integrity" in a vague manner as an alternative to the perceived political incorrectness of using blatantly moralistic terms such as "good" or ethical. In this sense the term often refers to a refusal to engage in lying, blaming or other behaviour generally seeming to evade accountability. Integrity is holding true to one's values. Said another way: being one's word; doing what you said you would do by when you said you would do it. Integrity is knowing what is important to you and living your actions accordingly. It may take the form of a sense of etiquette that runs very deep, as in Christianity or the political virtues.

I myself do not see where Google is using any integrity in taking money from a web site so that it can be the first site people see when doing a search. Google knows as does the owners of the questionable web sites, that people are gullible and generally trust what is written. Thus the reason for paying to have your website seen first. Google does not care what the results or outcome of this is they gust want the $$$. They do not care how many people get ripped off or anything else they only care about the $$$.
Buy the definition of integrity google has none so you need to look for a different word when describing Google. Or any search engine for that matter. Immoral would be a better choice.
They are in business to make money and that is what they do. They do not care who gets hurt or riped off or the integrity of the web sites they host.
As far as LimeWire filtering out unwanted search results from the Gnutella net the word for that is sensor. I for one do not want LimeWire to sensor anything. It is my right to see all that is available. If I want to sensor the results I can by using the filters built into LimeWire.
So you original post was totally backward LimeWire does have integrity Google does not. LimeWire has a free product for anybody to use that wishes. It has a pro version which allows more connections thus depending on your connection can provide better results. It does not sensor content but allows you to if you choose to.
Any way whether you choose to admit it or not your original statement was wrong.
__________________ - Hot Games, Cool Apps

A little common sense goes a long way

Later Grandpa
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  #38 (permalink)  
Old December 31st, 2005
me d's Avatar
Gnutella Veteran
Join Date: November 9th, 2005
Location: summerville sc usa
Posts: 136
me d is flying high
Default agreed!!

..hobo some people just can't live without chaos.
(for anyone that doesn't know what that means call ChrisAvalon or mebbe virtualtuneage?)lol

p.s. then what am i doing with a computer????lol
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  #39 (permalink)  
Old December 31st, 2005
Join Date: December 30th, 2005
Posts: 31
ChrisAvalon is flying high

OH MAN - Do you have to be right and does someone have to be wrong?

First of all - Google is run with integrity, and I will never back off that point - the more you "theorize" it's not the more wrong you are, and again and again I'll come back with a rebuttal.

You say you don't want filtered results, yet you call Google IMMORAL for giving you that. Smart. And Google does NOT just allow scam sites. In fact - they close down many MANY websites, and have a huge blacklist for that. They do what they can, and that's the truth. Especially for their paid advertisements.

They do what they can. And I can't HELP but think you're one of those people that whine about anyone who makes money off an idea. Holy **** - I mean you're freaking arguing that all SEARCH ENGINE COMPANIES ARE IMMORAL just for indexing and cataloguing information.

Even when they attempt to do so fairly and justly. The fact that a profitable marketplace has grown with sponsored results and PPC's is by NO MEANS an immoral action! That's so pathetic. That's like saying Classified Ads in newspapers are immoral - as are commercials on TV.

It has become a NEW MEDIUM and they have EVERY right to profit. Which, by the way, is a win-win-win situation for advertisiers, Google, and its users.

Google does its best to uphold integrity - and DOES have a system in place to get rid of those scam sites. They're constantly upgrading their search engine algorithm so others can't immorally cheat the system to get better results.

As for Limewire/whatever - the only reason I want it to filter out the useless Ad crap is because it takes up the ENTIRE search when I do it. I get no REAL results because it's substituted by these sponsored ones.

Does someone get paid for that crap? Because it's ridiculous. I'm saying their service is rendered useless when this happens - that's my point. So they should do something about it. If all the results showed up, I wouldn't have a problem, but, they don't.

It's not just "UNFILTERED" it's completely freakin' biased.
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  #40 (permalink)  
Old December 31st, 2005
Join Date: December 30th, 2005
Posts: 31
ChrisAvalon is flying high

me d - learn to type, your posts are giving me a headache. I have an argument and just cause you can't keep up or have no interest, doesn't mean you can make pointless and lame remarks reguarding me or anyone else.

Your "solution" was a joke that wasn't funny. But nice try, I applaud the effort.
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