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Good idea to pretend you are a dozen of persons having the same problem, who coicidentally sought this forum on the same day. Anyway I have the same freaking problem, and no sollution. At first the program did work, even the same version. So please help me, and this person who allready posted 12 times or something ;-)

blinddavis27 February 18th, 2003 08:46 AM

java error ppl try this....
i had the same problem and couldnt figure any of it out, so i went to and downloaded it there and it worked for that what all you did? or did you get it from or a download place? by the way i have an os try going directly to that site.....on the page at the top you'll see a very light gray box, in it you will see 4 steps, hit step 2, it will give you 3 options windows, linux/unix, and macintosh....under each it gives you a list of downloads, under mac hit limewire, beware of the pop ups, it will give you a bunch of stuff but on the right it will say click here to download, do it, it will ask you to select a download, hit either mac or mac osx, which ever you have, it will say download limewire for mac, then 2 options primary and alternate download sites, with each it says download, hit download, i used primary and it should work, try that, if it doesnt work, i dont know what else to tell ya, sorry....good me if you want to

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