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Old July 8th, 2008
Join Date: July 7th, 2008
Posts: 4
giboni is flying high
Default Am I Crazy or is something goin onBear Share.....?

Hi everyone,
Apologize if this is the incorrect Forum.If it is perhaps a moderator can move it.I try to run Bear share almost every day and every night since I started OOL 30/5 Cable.I also run Limewire,e-Mule,KC easy,Shareaza,U torrent at the same time if my roomis are not using their comps.My hardware is a few years old but I have 6 Hds hooked up to this computer.In fact it is my designated File share computer with an N-lited Xp pro for speed and minimal resource footprint.Recently in the last few weeks my old version of Bear stopped working with an unable to query referenced memory error.Used that one once in awhile since it seemed to connect to more Hosts than later versions and used it to search for a particular song though the results were time consuming to go through v 4.6.I think showed 8 hosts connected and gave you a choice to the number.The one I run all the time is v 5.3 Pro.Forgot where I got it from no registration required. I actively support file sharing.
I was perturbed to see fewer and fewer uploads on Limewire,Kceasy and tonight Kc does not connect at all to Ares network.E-Mule a few months ago was a headache till I figured out what to do and it is normal now.You have to stay away from certain servers.I upload 300 to 500 Kbs at all times.My ratio since last reset is over 1000 to one.
Bearshare was always active and I seemed to be connected to like 50 peers I think and hundreds of upload sessions logged.Starting about a few weeks ago it got less and less.The last couple of days I am now a Leaf with two Ultra peers.The same ones for the last few days Maybe 20 uploads by the morning.Did find fast a couple of titles just now and they downloaded fast.
So reinstalled it etc.....Then tried other versions from my collection of BS and lo and behold after a few minutes setting up the folders they all seem to just shut down.Bs lite versions etc.In fact all the versions except the one I usually run.Tried to search in current BS for 5.10 etc. nothing.At any rate maybe a lot of people on Bit torrent and its just my imagination.With Media Sentry,ISPS throttling downloads blocking ports Im just getting paranoid.I have numerous old programs that are not found anymore like Spin Audio VST to Dx wrapper lite free etc that some people still can use etc.Oh well looks like its going to take 18 hours for BS 5.3 Pro to rescan over 60,000 plus files Will try the BS I got from this Website.
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Old July 9th, 2008
Peerless's Avatar
Riding a Pale Horse and Wielding THE Sword of the Forum
Join Date: June 19th, 2002
Location: Your Worst Nightmare
Posts: 2,991
Peerless is a jewel in the rough

if you are referring to this then definitely go that route....

I've noticed some interesting things lately also...but I've also found that if one used PG2 and if needed is patient one will get connected to good a note read the thread I link to in its fullest and pay attention to the advice on proper setup of it...I find that forcing UP mode rocks...

So Long and Thanks for All the Files

Beware of the big 3 insurance companies in Texas! Read your policies carefully (maybe you'll need a lawyer) Allstate, Farmers & State Farm are overextended and their 'coverage' is worthless...a true waste of your money Read This
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Old July 10th, 2008
Join Date: July 7th, 2008
Posts: 4
giboni is flying high

Thanks for posting back.Well just finished repairing a computer I found in the garbage P-4 2.80 533 1M cachet nice machine.Not realy a repair.No HD no memory.Guess the former owner inadvertanly took out the bad parts LOL.Installed Xp Pro full and I am not N-uking it LOL.Install the old BS versions one by one.One thing I did last year was install several diferent versions and then switch the cores from one folder to another and then start them up.Was interesting.Could be why they do not work anymore except this one still works!!!Have to finish two more recycled Computers and not mess with Xp Pro! Or the Bear Share Versions LOL Also when I have time made myself a note to run regedit and manually go through it and start deleting whats left of the install entries.Bet this could be the Culprit on this machine.
Could not find the links you were refering to.Guesing PG2 is Peer Guardian 2.I have heard of it though not researched it will after this post.I keep 200 open ports on this machine and rely on Kerio FW free and TeaTimer Free to keep out Jerks hacking my computer.Needless to say to catch Trojans etc.When I notice that memory page usage is above a certain number in Task Manager know the comp is compromised.So far even despite my ineptitude at opening files without checking them have beaten these infestations in a couple of hours.Its actually quite challenging since many of them do all kinds of Nastys quickly LOL.Hope Hijack this stays free!
Would like those Links to play arround with and improve performance of BS.Did a bit of reading on this forum get the impression Old Limewire is losing favor.This perhaps explains why I get very few uploads these days.I have confused myself by playing arround with these versions of BS.I remember not to long ago I could see who was connecting searching etc.IP domain like comcast OOL etc. Is that specific only to a few versions of BS?Or did I somehow hack my working version to cause it to behave diferently?Guess I will find out on the new machines..Ah new used recycled that is LOL!And of course browsing my shared HD files etc. off.Do not want anybody taking a snapshot LOL.Well off to PG2 and some preventive security measures.BMAC is a cool easy program to use!Sorry about that insurance Scam.Texas has been in the News.FLDS kidnapping etc. Thanks for the response!!! Now to install this new Dual Wan router and figure out why this SB5100 modem all of a sudden got bricked up?Have spares anyways......"UP Rocks"...I am interested thanks in advance for the Link information and tutorial!
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Old July 10th, 2008
ursula's Avatar
Cleaning Lady
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ursula is a great assister to others; your light through the dark tunnel

Hi, giboni...

Listen... If you really are running all of those apps... HEY, just any two of them, simultaneously, than your nuts.

No offense, honest !
No flame intended !

uTorrent must be very much throttled-back, hmmm ? Or, you're really limiting its capacity unknowingly.

THe stress on your CPU must be ridiculous.
The number of HDDs will, without any doubt whatsoever, be seriously slowing down ALL transfers to/from any and all HDDs.
Plus, as you mention it is an 'older' machine then you will be running IDE which must result in you needing about 10 hours to burn one CD !

You briefly mention that your machine is "a few years old"...
Well, even if you went total loony when you spec'd it and bought it "a few years ago", it must be way below a basic 'low-spec' desktop of today.

Save yourself a lot of problems, huh ?

I mean, WHY could you possibly need all of those drives running at the same time ?
Do you know that ALL of your HDDs are vulnerable to 'attack' if you have them connected AND 'on' while you're connected to the net ?

You mention a 'Lited' XP Pro OS... This is a street legend con that has no validity... What you are saving with such is miniscule... Honest !

I mean, I had to read your post about 10 times... And, I still am not sure if you're not just putting us on !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am certainly going to bookmark your post so that I can have a clear, albeit extreme, example of WHAT NOT TO DO......


AND, you say that you operate as an Ultrapeer, as well !!!

This is a joke, right ?

uh, btw... Just exactly how old a version of BearShare is it that "seemed to connect to more hosts ?"

Kind of a giveaway there, what ?

And, last little nugget of curiousity for now... So, you're sharing over 60,000 files concurrently... Is dat rite ?

btw2... that's not gibboni by any chance, is it ?

Please.... My 'faith in humanity' is especially weak at the moment...
Please, please admit that your post is a put-on, OK ?
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Old July 10th, 2008
Join Date: July 7th, 2008
Posts: 4
giboni is flying high
Default Ooops

My goodness did not mean to upset anyone.N lite is a program to remove parts of Xp.For example messenger,outlook express,restore etc.Started using this program to upgrade Pentium II machines that were being discarded which I recycled.With hard drives of three or four gigabytes a full install plus the CPU
memory overhead made them impractical Internet appliances.With N-Lite was able to Install a version of Xp of 185 megabytes.Using programs such as Foobar,Burn cdc and other lite footprint free ware programs had all the basic functionality that an Internet Appliance requires.I give these machines away to people and children that are poor and cannot afford computers.By giving them away have encouraged many people to discover the power freedom and self learning education potential of the Internet.I live in NYC not a weekend or hardly a day goes by in my walks that I do not find discarded computers.In fact in my rather well to do part of Brooklyn the Super Intendants collect Monitors computers for me.Monitors are getting hard to come by now unfortunately.Have more working machines than monitors.Now I am collecting Athlons,duron P-4,lots of P-111 machines.I do not accept any more PII or 1s k-5-6-7 but take parts like memory and HD of at least 10 Gigabytes power supply s.
The lighter Xp is made the faster she will run on old machines.Most people never have a need with what comes with a full version anyways.For example my personal Internet browsing appliance loads with 69 megabytes in memory XpPro 32 bit.After manualy starting Kerio firewall and TeaTimer she pushes 100m.Also what is bundled in Xp such as Media player a resource hog with a huge footprint on processing resources or IE can be N uked out of it and replaced with open source or free to use software like the notorious burning feature or almost useless firewall and security features.Tweaked Fire Fox is twice as fast as Tweaked IE with fewer problems coupled with judicious choice of DNS servers or free TWdl DNS program.All the extra Networking features can be iether disabled or set to manual,printer sharing off,and other basically useless features that compromise security.I build Frankenstein Computers and over clock them to.I have an endless supply of parts and have Image as well data Backups of all the software I have collected since 1998.An Hd blows up no problem.20 minutes have a similar one formatted and the image duplicate of the last one mounted.In fact I have never bought a computer.My first in my forty's was a 486 with 95 that I found discarded and fixed.A borrowed dial up Internet account.I am behind the times.Quad core Extreme with 16gigs DDR2memory 64bit operating system Vista sata II SSHard drive and 750 Gig Sata II.I am comfortable with the scuzzy drives I recycled.People are throwing out eighty gigs forty found a 120gig last week.9 months ago put a 150gig in my music Athlon 3300+ Dj Nforce appliance overclocked to 2.6gh water cooled.I have found unrepairable machines loaded with 2,3,4 gigs of dual DDR ram.Back to figuring out why this SB5100 modem bricked up.I have come a long way though from dial up to using a dual wan router and two cable modems.Can't wait for FIOS.I am so sorry that you came to these conclusions after reading my last post.The fact is if you know your stuff,research you can do what you want with computers.Its all good.Take care.Hopefully people will throw out 100gig or better soon so that I can consolidate a tetra byte plus of files into more efficient appliances.
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