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FrostWire General forum section for FrostWire users; Download "FrostWire Clean version 4" . FrostWire v.5 which only uses bittorrents and no longer uses Gnutella Network is not supported on these forums.

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  #1 (permalink)  
Old July 7th, 2011
Join Date: October 10th, 2008
Location: Some place in Norway!
Posts: 234
File_Girl71 has a reputation beyond reputeFile_Girl71 has a reputation beyond repute
Exclamation sway icon WARNING!! FrostWire version 5 is BitTorrent Only

I have tested out FrostWire 5.0.7, and its not any good to Gnutella network..."FrostWire:BitTorrent so simple" should say it all, yes FrostWire 5.0.7 is just a ripoff BitTorrent client and sooo basic I think uTorrent is advanced if I compare it! And the new skin are not nice at all, in fact you cannot skin FrostWire any more! My recommendation is stay to the version 4 instead of use the crippled version 5 if you boys and girls out there want Gnutella network to survive and grow!!! No version 5 will be made clean or patched by me...For me is "FrostWire DEAD" and just maybe this ghost will survive or not will only time show or tell...
Just Good enough, smart enough, and no longer Elite...
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Old July 7th, 2011
Lord of the Rings's Avatar
Join Date: June 30th, 2004
Location: Middle of the ocean apparently (middle earth)
Posts: 614
Lord of the Rings has a distinguished reputationLord of the Rings has a distinguished reputationLord of the Rings has a distinguished reputation

Stick with version 4 would be my advice. FW 5 obviously does not do anything special with torrents, yet FW 4 has both Gnutella options & torrents. FrostWire 4 has lots going for it for various reasons. For a start, it connects easily. Secondly, you get to use two/2 p2p file-sharing networks, instead of only one for FW 5.

FW 5 has shown it is not a proper full-time torrent program. That says it all. The FW devs obviously lack both the skills, knowledge & ideas to make the program a 'full' torrent program, leaving you with just the basics that make your FW program BANNED at most 'private' torrent sites. uTorrent is a very basic program, if FrostWire does not shape up anywhere near uTorrent, then obviously FrostWire 5 is a dead horse with limited tail wagging abilities.

So what is your torrent file-sharing ratio since you started using FrostWire?

FrostWire attempting to 'force' users to migrate to torrents only instead of combined with Gnutella network thus limiting users scope & horizon of finding & sharing files. FrostWire developers love to show their monopoly hey. lol Whatever happened to the FW user's choice. (This included FW removing a preferences option to disable program update notices.) Power in the hands of just a few, sighs. FrostWire was developed in 2006 to help maintain the Gnutella network should LimeWire go down (as it finally did last year.) I guess the later FW developers forgot the reasons the FW concept was even initiated (FW was initiated by a couple of persons who had previously contributed code to the LimeWire program. The later FW devs obviously did not inherit the same Gnutella network passion.)
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Old July 7th, 2011
cootmaster's Avatar
Software support & Brony
Join Date: October 19th, 2005
Location: usa
Posts: 363
cootmaster is flying high

FW got rid the Gnuttella because of all spam issues
i dont know much more


Last edited by cootmaster; July 8th, 2011 at 06:55 PM.
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Old July 8th, 2011
Gnutella Admirer
Join Date: March 25th, 2007
Location: p.e.i.,canada
Posts: 57
townie2 is flying high

I'm sticking with File_Girls 4.21.8 portable (thanks again File_Girl).
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Old July 14th, 2011
I'm an Android
Join Date: March 17th, 2005
Location: Earth for now
Posts: 83
gubatron is flying high

gotta love how the gnutella forum community leaders love us, we'll miss you too guys, specially File_Girl71's sexy avatar (who has done nothing but troll on FrostWire since I can remember)

If you want to actually do something productive instead of trolling, the FrostWire 4 branch is still open and we'll be accepting patches at - Spam fighting patches are most welcome if you care so much about gnutella.

$ hg clone
$ cd frostwire.desktop
$ hg udpate fw4-stable
hg diff > your.patch
email your.patch along with a description to

Lord of the rings: We'd appreciate a good list of things that would make FW5 a better torrent client so that we can fix it. (instead of telling us how little skills we have, that's so productive, makes you look so good as a community member bad mouthing people that have busted their asses for years update after update)

We'll add this community as another good reason to have dropped gnutella support, the user experience is better than ever with FrostWire 5, try it for yourself, I doubt you'll miss all the spam and fakes that who knows from _where_ was coming from.

Over and out.

Last edited by gubatron; July 14th, 2011 at 01:56 PM.
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  #6 (permalink)  
Old July 14th, 2011
N9UNQ's Avatar
Join Date: October 13th, 2006
Location: Chicago
Posts: 27
N9UNQ is flying high

I have the 4.21.8 version by File_Girl. The only problem I am having with it is the listing of files in regards to Limewire settlements, Limewire for the Apple Ipad. How can I keep these out? It's been a while since I got any from Frostwire. I have used LW a little more often. Thanx for any help. Hello to File_Girl and Lord of the Rings. I haven't said anything to you in a while. Take care. Rich
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  #7 (permalink)  
Old July 14th, 2011
Join Date: October 10th, 2008
Location: Some place in Norway!
Posts: 234
File_Girl71 has a reputation beyond reputeFile_Girl71 has a reputation beyond repute

Hi N9UNQ thats is quit easy to fix...It is not posible to remove all spam in your search from FrostWire, but you can make your search mutch cleaner by doing this...Open FrostWire if its not allready running and click Tools-->Options-->Filter-->Keywords and add the following words: apple iphone, frostwire, limewire, court order, apple, iphone, court, and you can also add some extension like: .mov, .bat, .exe, .zoo, .r00, .uue, .zip, .rar which is used by spammers...Hope this helps!
Just Good enough, smart enough, and no longer Elite...

Last edited by File_Girl71; July 20th, 2011 at 02:58 PM.
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Old July 19th, 2011
Lord of the Rings's Avatar
Join Date: June 30th, 2004
Location: Middle of the ocean apparently (middle earth)
Posts: 614
Lord of the Rings has a distinguished reputationLord of the Rings has a distinguished reputationLord of the Rings has a distinguished reputation

There's also this list Weird results from searches (*Keyword filter list*) to pick & choose from.
On that topic, Sleepless' post is very helpful: How to find Music & Video
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  #9 (permalink)  
Old July 19th, 2011
Join Date: July 19th, 2011
Posts: 3
ThorTheGreat is a great assister to others; your light through the dark tunnel

WARNING TO ALL GNUTELLA LOVERS: We built this network up...we spent 10+ years doing tihs...tens of millions of us...first the spammers try to sc*** us...then limewire scr**s us...and now frostwire is doing the same thing...join the debate and let your voice be heard...let them know that utorrent, bittorrent, etc=torrent...frostwire=gnutella...let your voices be heard...before it's too late and frostwire kills gnutella forever...

Since frostwire switched to torrent only...there's been MUCH fewer legit results and even MORE spam...less legit results+more spam=less users=less legit result=more spam, etc, etc...see where this is going? the END of gnutella...frostwire CLAIMS that torrents MIGHT evntually have MOST of our music back but come on, really?!? torrents have been around for 10+ years...150,000,000+ users...and still...NO WHERE near the amount of music on gnutella...

Worst part is that frostwire has NOT changed ANY of their pictures or descriptions on sites like cnet, etc...they still CLAIM to be a fork of limewire and support gnutella...if you ask me...they should not only change the description that THEY can change...but they should also contact CNET to rereview the software and remove teh current review posted on CNET...which is a 100% lie right now...

The worst part is that they're FORCING people to get the new version of frostwire...if someone does the "new and improved update" as frostwire claims and doesn't like the new version...well...unless they know about forums like this...which most peoiple do NOT...there goes another FrostWire user from the gnutella network and all of their music with them...and another...and another...until there's nothing left on gnutella but spam...

The FEW and I mean VERY few (maybe 2-3) users that had anything good to say about the new frostwire have ZERO other posts...there are more posts than I can count with complaints about the new version...asking frostwire to go back...

There's a revolt building up against the new gnutellaless frostwire...check out the frostwire forums for more of us than I can count posting about how much they hate this "new" version...

Here's what the latest post from me is...questions that the makers of frostwire have been avoiding, including a quote from another user that's also more than a little ticked about this "new direction" frostwire is going in:
You were not to encourage users to upgrade to a newer version, but you had to tell that from this day forward, support for Gnutella would have been abandoned.
And in my opinion, the client name should be changed.
This to be fair and honest with users.

Many beginners and inexperienced believed they upgrade to a newer version.
But this is not an upgrade, this is a new beginning. Frostwire 5.x is a client that has nothing to do with the version 4.

You are 100% right and exactly what all of us have been saying...the makers are NOT being honest with us...and that's one of the reasons we're soooo upset...they're NOT being honest and NOT lisnteing to what ALL of us have been saying and what we're asking for...the GODO working verison of Frsotwire back...V4...

Zooky: you said that we should come up with good ideas and that's what more users than I can count have come up with...ADD GNUTELLA...OUR MUSIC BACK IN...

Hobo and Gubatron (you seem to be the makers of frostwire): All we're asking for is a very simple answers that MORE users than I can count have been asking and you guys have been avoiding and NOT answered. We just want some HONEST answers to ALL of the quesions we've been asking...the EXACT same questions and why so many of us are upset:

1) Hobo, according to you and this other guy aron on here...if you use frostwire V4...WITH gnutella...and follow the steps about getting rid of the spam...YOU guys said it works almsot spam in V4...and you know're 100% right...I tried it...follow the steps and there's almost NO spam in frostwire 4. Since YOU guys know how to get people to remove the spam in V4 and it works...WHY create a new version that NO ONE likes...without gnutella? Yiou claim this is to "eliminate spam" but according to you and you're 100% right...if you follow the steps you provide then V4 has almost NO spam: So again, if you CAN get rid of the spam in V4 then WHY exactly did you get rid of V5 and claim there's no spam in there when you can do the EXACT same thing in V4?

2) Why EXACTLY was gnutella support removed? It can't be because of the spam as per above. gnutella support is what frostwire PROMISED to all of us...the continuation of limewire...a fork of limewire...if people were told otherwise they woudl NOT have been using frostiwre or switched to frostwire...look at how many people are leaving frostwire now. FrostWire ALWAYS had gnutella support built in as the MAIN why not give the USERS the CHOICE of what they want to search rather than FORCING them to search only ONE network that's cr** for music compared to gnutella? Again, that's the BIGGEST question. Why not leave frostwire the way it was for AGES with support for BOTH torrent and gnutella? and pleae don't say "we couldn't have both torrent and gnutella in at the same time" because you had it like that for YEARS without any issues. in fact if ANYTHING...ALL of us have even said...if you had a chocie of only ONE network to conntinue with it shoudl be GNUTELLA and NOT MANy have said...utorrent, bittorrent=torrent, frostwire=gnutella

3) In MANY places hobo and gub, you both AGREE that the new frostwire has a FRACTIOn of the music of the old version of frostwire...V4...and then say that "eventually it SHOULD build up with time...give it time and MAYBE we'll see whatw we had before". Firsty, PLEASE think about what you guys are even saying for a minte and how that sounds. But HOW is that possible? Haven't torrents been around for over TEN years? I read there are somewhwre around 100,000,000 (ONE HUNDRED MILLION) people using utorrrent and bittorrent combined with these other torrent proghrams there must be what...over ONE HUNDRED AND FIFTY MILLION torrent users...YET...after ten years and that many STILL cannot find a fraction of the msuic you can on the old frostwire V4 which worked on gnutella. So HOW exactly will we EVER get ALL of the music back that we spent 10+ years builuding up to share?

4) A LOT of us jhave noticed that on CNET and other software haev NOT updated the descrition wich CAN have updated the little descrioton when you first seaech that comes up...but you have NOT touched the long descritpn that appears when someone clicks on "frostwire" for more information...or even contacted cNET about THEIR review about CONTINUE to claim that frostwire is a "fork of limewire" and works with gnutella...which it does haven't even updated the pictures on cnet and other here's the question: Why are you NOT being honest with people and updating this inforamtion, telling them the TRUTH about this new version...that this is NOT a fork of limewire now and has NO gnutella support?

5) Was your plan all along to switch users to bittorrent? PLEASE be honest about this because as you can see, there are MANY of us asking the exact same question and we can see the pattern here. First you defaulted V4 to searching bittorrent only a while back...then in a later version you turned off file sahring by default...and now you 100% get rid of gnutella and msot of our music. So again, was this the plan all along?

6) Why did you turn file sharing OFF by default in a recent version of frostwire V4? Wasn't this counterproduvtive and meant less legit files and even MORE spam and NOT less? You could have simply turned off ALL file sharing but music/movie files so that this would avoid the "accidential" sharing you used as the reason you did this...limewire did EXACTLY this...had ALL sharing turned off BUT music/ fact...the ONLY time limewire seemed to turn off ALL sharing was around the time they were taken down and about to make a HUGE change...shutting it down...which is EXACTLY what you guys at wfrostwire did...just before you switched to torrent ONLY you turned off all file sharing by defailt on frostwire V4...again, was this done to make people think gnutella wasn't that good anymore and like/switch to your 100% torrent only version of frWostwire?

7) Just as others have said, if you wanted to create a 100% torrent only thing then why not make a NEW program rather than calling it frostwire? this is NOT a fork of limewire anymore and has nothing to do with limewire or what frostwire v4 is. So again, why not create a SEPERATE name and program and then let us USERS decide what we want to download/use rather than continue to decieve people?

8 ) Based on what you see in the forums here and on sooooo many other sites...based on sooooo many of us asking yuo to go ask us what WE want and for OUR feedback...well we're telling you. So why are you NOT adding in what ALL of us have been asking for and what you alraedy had -- the gnutella suppoort and the you had it before? You wanted feedback on what we want...well, haven't enough people alraedy asked for this and hasn't enough damage been caused to gnutella already?

9) say that you also love gnutella and want to continue to support it, but is it just me or has there been even MORE spam and MUCH fewer legit results since you guys made this change to torrent only in frostwire v5? Of course! Maybe that's because there are fewer people using V4...and NOT because they like V5...but because they get V5...don't like it...and have NO CLUE how to get V4 back unless they know about these forms...PLUS you 100% got rid of V4 from almsot EVERYWHERE...fewer legit files now on gnutella...which means even MORE spam. So here's the question: Don't you agree that based on this, as people upgrade to V5 (most of which will haev NO clue how to get V4 back after they try V5 and don't like it) won't this mean even LESS legit files on gnutella and EVEN more spam? Won't tihs lead to the end of Gnutella? Won't the spammers 100% take over as there are even fewer legit results?

10) Why NOT provide BOTH versions V4 and V5 on the frostwire website and on downlaod sites. You say you want to "continue to support and develop gnutella," so then why NOT have V5 and V4 up at the same time? Of course, the best solution wuold be as per Q7, create a NEW name and website for this NEW torrent only program you have which has NOTHIGN to do with frostwire now.

All we want are some honest answers to questions that no one seems to want to answer...avoids answering...and comes up with answers that make no sense...question #2...why not leave

it the way it was and let us USERS make teh choice what network to search just as it's always been...things like that have been asked MANY times but never answered...
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Old July 19th, 2011
Join Date: July 19th, 2011
Posts: 3
ThorTheGreat is a great assister to others; your light through the dark tunnel

I should have warned everyone in my previous prepared that if someone from frostwire does respond there'll be one of THREE STANDARD answers they've been giving to the countless posts asking for questions...and asking for gnutella support back. Check out the frostwire forums yourself and you'll see the EXACT same three be prepared for:

1) "if you're not happy with frostwire v5 then just use v4...and if you continue to bad mouth v5 it's making us think that we should drop any support/work on it". They've ALREADY dropped working on frostwire 4 and it's NO LONGER on their website or anywhere else since they've updated nearly ALL sites with the new version WITHIOUT gnutella...this is KILLING gnutella and our music...less legit results and more spam

2) "rather than bad mouthing v5...tell us how to make it better and what you want" (actually one of the makers posted EXACTLY this in this forum...see what I mean?) Haven't we been telling you what we want...more of us than we can count...and what will make V5 better you ask? ADD GNUTELLA SUPPORT BACK IN and make it the DEFAULT search rather than torrent...and turn file sharing BACK ON by default and NOT off as you had in teh latest versions of even frostwire v4

3) "you're speaking out against must be a spammer then" Yes, there are more of us than I can count that are so called "spammers" then...we must be the stupidest spammers in the world then because we're actually TELLING people how to AVOID spam...and a good chunk of us...well...we had TONS of other posts on frostwire forums dating back WAY before this new version came out...and again, why are we the spammers telling people how to get AROUND the spam...and why are we the spammers complaoing that there is now even MORE spam on the network?1?

Anyway, just be prepared for one of the three...i think we've already seen #1 and for sure #2...just waiting for #3 and we'll have the entire story that we always get!

What we REALLY want though is ANSWERS...and not the above three BS answers...we DESERVE it...and for them to LISTEN to us and stop deciving people...we built this network up..we switched to frostwire based on the promis of the continuation of limewire...we made this...and now you're trying to use what we made to move your agenda forward to thsi "new" version that NONE of us want...
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