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Rants Just say whatever must be said. (XoloX has been discontinued. We highly recommend you use an actively developed client instead.)

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  #11 (permalink)  
Old November 26th, 2001
Join Date: November 25th, 2001
Location: Spain
Posts: 7
ThunderBolt is flying high
Default Flat rate 6pm 2 8am

Mr. 3vi1.

I am not an extensive download user as yourself due to my "Flat rate" isdn conection at 8KB, so mainly I leave it runing over the week ends when I use Xolox.

It has crashed but due to my negligence opening & using severals programs at once.

Any way, I will not argue with someone who has done field research with Xolox in diferents PCs I just wanted to say that if U think Xolox needs paches, so be it.

  #12 (permalink)  
Old November 28th, 2001
Posts: n/a
Default so we agree

we need an update to fix some of these stablity issues (Oh God do we need it) but are we likely to get it? Dose anyone have a clue When it will arive?
  #13 (permalink)  
Old November 29th, 2001
Carlo's Avatar
Gnutella Veteran
Join Date: October 31st, 2001
Location: Trieste, Italy
Posts: 113
Carlo is flying high

I recently had this message from XoloX team:

"Dear Carlo,
Kind regards,

Team XoloX

PS: New version? Probably before the Xmas holidays!"
  #14 (permalink)  
Old November 29th, 2001
Posts: n/a

How many of you have noticed that they had two-three versions of 1.12 and one 1.12+? For me when I updated my prog to + version it didn't crash so often anymore.
  #15 (permalink)  
Old December 1st, 2001
Join Date: November 4th, 2001
Posts: 4
morpheus914 is flying high

I'm running XoloX on Win2k Pro, AMD 1.0GHz, 256MB RAM. Never had a problem with the program crashing the O/S. The only problem I noticed was that when you exit out of the program while it's downloading/ uploading, it will generate an error. For the people who's systems it crashes, might I recommend setting up your machine properly before complaining that XoloX did something.

BTW, I'm on cable, 5.5Mbps down (average), 1Mbps up(capped), never have speed issues.
  #16 (permalink)  
Old December 1st, 2001
Join Date: November 4th, 2001
Posts: 4
morpheus914 is flying high

and on the point of amount of data downloaded, I D/L the entire Neon Genesis Evangelion series (26 episodes, yes, I like anime), at a total of about 1.5GB or so. The enitre time of the download (about 4 days), it only crashed... oh, wait, that's right. IT DIDN'T! Crashing programs don't always equate to faulty software. Hardware incompatibilities are often brought to light by the programs that use them. This is especially true with communications hardware. The cheapest NIC on the cheapest MoBo will sometimes give you headaches. Even a good NIC on a cheap MoBo might yield odd results, and vice versa.

Just popping in the CD, and letting the Windows installer take over is almost never the best approach. Especially when it comes to chipset drivers. Even the order in which you install drivers can have an adverse effect on system stability in the long run. Bottom line, don't always blame the most obvious cause, because while it may be the easiest target, it may not be the correct target.

BTW, if your wondering about my hardware and O/S credentials, I have 10 years experience building Desktop PC's, workstations, servers, and the occasional network when the call comes in for one. I've been around since the C:\> prompt. In not so many words, I'm not talking out of my ***, I do have some semblance of what's going on.
  #17 (permalink)  
Old December 1st, 2001
Join Date: October 20th, 2001
Posts: 19
3vi1 is flying high

If you knew anything, you would know that when you see "XoloX Caused an Access Violation in..." message, it means that the XoloX EXE is writing to memory it didn't allocate or accidentally freed. That's an application issue, pure and simple.

I've been programming for 16 years. I've been building PC's for 10 years. I've been a network analyst for 5 years. I built and configured dozens of mail server/gateway boxes that have been used reliably for the last 6 years by one of the world's largest chemical companies (and they don't crash). Your 'credentials' don't impress me. I know a software fault when I see it.

Your experience with the program on a single machine downloading a tiny 1.5GB over 4 days is not a good basis to tell me I'm incorrect for what I've seen on 3 machines while downloading 100GB (and uploading dozens of GB's) over months time. Yes, on occasion *I* have gone 4 days without a crash, but it's rare (and only possible under XP, from my testing).

These are not machines where I "just popped in a CD", nor or they built from cheap or obscure components. They are rock-solid builds. There are *no* driver issues with these boxes.

You may not have had any problems *yet*, but you are way in the minority here. You *will* eventually see what I'm talking about, should you continue to use XoloX.

It's all academic at this point anyway. XoloX is dead.
  #18 (permalink)  
Old December 7th, 2001
Posts: n/a
Red face hard to believe

Although I've seen mixed results with xolox, it works fine with the right tweaks. I've never encountered an access violation message and I run Xolox on 3 machines of my own. If Xolox was sooo bad, why are you still using it after so many weeks?

Ho-hum, so Xolox has a memory leak, big deal. Large files and constant up/downloads exploit this flaw. It's been mentioned in this forum multiple times and explained with great precision and fact.

Since I loaded Memturbo (a suggestion from a forum member), I have not experienced a single problem with Xolox. For what it's worth, my 'always on' pc shares 200 gig, on an 800mh P3 with Win 98se over cable. It has xolox, bearshare, and war-ftp running and I haven't rebooted this pc since September.

Could Xolox stand a patch? Sure. So can't most of the other file sharing programs I've used. Can it work just fine without forum theatrics? I think so. Do your homework.

Thank You
  #19 (permalink)  
Old December 7th, 2001
Join Date: October 20th, 2001
Posts: 19
3vi1 is flying high
Default Not using it anymore

>> Why are you still using it after all these weeks.

I'm not. I switched to eDonkey a week ago and it's been running with nary a single error since.

I only stuck with XoloX for as long as I did out of hope that the programmers would actually release a new version.

This might be incorrect, but I think part of the problem was that the programmers *did* release a couple of new versions, but didn't update the version number or the link on the home page (or even put up a message about it). I saw another post in one of the forums that indicated this had happened.

I did not have the 'automatically update' box checked, but instead checked the home page regularly in hopes of a new release. That way, I have more control over when the version changes and can keep better tabs as to which problems occur under which versions of software.

Anyway, I'm not so sure I wasn't installing an 'older' 1.12 than the ones you guys were running. If that is the case, shame on the authors for not at least putting a 'b', 'c', etc on the end of the versions.

It doesn't matter anymore anyway - I've found eDonkey to be a much better in general. And as for gnutella, plenty of other clients are now adding multi-sourcing features.

  #20 (permalink)  
Old December 8th, 2001
Posts: n/a

I've been using XoloX and Edonkey together for months now. Alot of files have crossed over between the two platforms because of me I guess. I find I get better results if I use the two together.

Edonkey for all the big files, like movies. XoloX for Mp3's, although I've gotten many 600+ meg file off XoloX . XoloX is also great for exetended searching.

Problems all these people seem to have with XoloX...
I wont get into this subject as would proably come across as rude. XoloX runs spiffy for me. Always has.

I'll share my files on XoloX to the very end. If this is really the end, maybe it's the begining of something better, maybe a open sorce public domain p2p client. Now there's food for thought.


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